How many CDs and LPs are in your collection?

How many CDs and LPs are in your collection?
Fewer than 100
2% (8 votes)
21% (73 votes)
27% (92 votes)
20% (68 votes)
17% (57 votes)
8% (26 votes)
More than 5000
5% (16 votes)
Total votes: 340

Maybe it doesn't really matter how much music you have if you've got those three great albums that do it for you every time, but some folks just can't stop collecting. How about you?

Dave Lunt's picture

There are so many LP reissues out there and inexpensive used ones I can't stop.

Mike Satteson's picture

My collection really began steamrolling with my discovery of a very good local source of used CDs. (Getting a better paying job helped too.) I've become very adventurous in my used purchases and find myself discovering new kinds of musical delights with wonderful frequency.

Mr.  Improbable's picture

Golly Gee! There go the consumers of mass consumption again, emphaziing quantity instead of quality. A few weeks ago it was power consumption , this week it's CD consumption. You guys exist for the consumer Leviathan.

Daman's picture

70% vinyl and 30% CD. Vinyl is still first choice.

Jim Haigh's picture

As long as nobody takes my (Jon)Iverson and (Thomas) Walters / First Collection LP I will be happy!

G Klemencic's picture

I hope that hi end recording product for low price wil be avaible soon. I prefer to buy a good music from WWW and pay lower licence to the author . All what i'll need is a good DVD, Digital Lens, recorder power tube amp. and a pair of perfect dynamic two way and sensitive speaker. Pay less and make my own compilation, yes thats waht i want!

Al Marcy's picture

Just a guess. Who counts? Dada data.

Hugh T's picture

I love music and thus I love buying CD's and LP's. 95% of my music collection is on CD's.

Lonnie Brownell's picture

So much music, so little time . . .

John at JC3RD@AOL.COM's picture

How I wish I had more music in my collection but moneys tight and so I buy when I can. It's a good thing used vinyl is cheap as that keeps me muscially afloat.

Simon Ong's picture

New stuff! New enjoyment! Just can't stop expanding the collection!!

chadrah's picture

always looking for, always listening to, never selling back.

Ned Siegel's picture

Collect On, Dudes.

Abimanyu Boentaran's picture

I can't stop buying CDs!

Barry Krakovsky's picture

Collecting for its own sake can obscure the more important purpose of listening to the music. It is fun, sort of like collecting baseball cards

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John Conte's picture

I have about 1,000 LP's and 200 CD's. I still buy both LP's and CD's but not at the rate I did when I first put together a good sounding system.

Bob Bookman's picture

I can find about 1500 CDs. There may be more. I'll keep looking.

Mike B's picture

It just will just keep growing, and it is a collection. Sometimes I buy a CD listen once and file it away, but I can't bring myself to sell it eiter.

naveed khalidi's picture

I've got a lot of CDs and LPs, but I store them in one of those terrible magazine-type cases with a zipper from Case Logic. Any suggestions?

Paul Malkoski's picture

And growing! But it seems that there are fewer new rcordings that light me up. Am I getting jaded or is their a lack of good new music?

Richard Greene's picture

I've collected CD's since early 1985 -- buying at least 100 per year. In the past five months, I've purchased about 150 CD's, many previously owned, at an average price of $10 each. I'd buy more, but I've placed myself on a budget!

Eric Harris's picture

About 500. Am I a bad person?

Tony Lane's picture

I buy CDs now because I can't get the MUSIC I like on LP

Charles H.'s picture

4500 LP's about 800 CD's and growing every day!

Josh Tarnow's picture

This is the reason we are all so crazy about the hardware in the first place! It's the music that drives the system. I find it hard to believe that I have found any and all the music that I like nor can I believe that all the good music has been created....So I will just keep buying!

Mike in Dallas's picture

I seem to keep finding CDs I've put away while "cleaning" and forgotten about . . . which can turn out to be a pleasant rediscovery.

Myles B.  Astor's picture

We've received an award for the most records per one-bedroom apartment. The only regret I have is that there are some records that I probably haven't heard in years---and probably won't for many more years.

Simon Vanderzeil's picture

500 cd's 300 vinyl Rarest vinyl:Lenny Breau recorded direct to disc. Rarest cd:Jan Akkerman- searched 4 months to locate,finally found it in Japan! Simon , Sydney , Australia

MWM's picture

Recordings are just better these days, Better recording equipment I guess!!!