How long have you been interested in quality audio?

How long have you been interested in quality audio?
Less than a year
2% (7 votes)
1 to 3 years
10% (29 votes)
4 to 6 years
9% (28 votes)
6 to 10 years
10% (31 votes)
10 to 20 years
28% (86 votes)
20 to 30 years
28% (85 votes)
30 to 40 years
11% (35 votes)
50 years or more
1% (3 votes)
Not interested . . .
0% (1 vote)
Total votes: 305

The high-end audio business has been around for less than 40 years, with new generations signing on each year. When did you join?

Hal Clark's picture

A long, arduous, and continuous pursuit.

Bruce Beckner's picture

Despite certain folks' continuing interest in antique technology, the overall level of equipment is much better -- at any price. Even the recreated antique technology is, by an large, better than the original.

Robin Banks's picture

Although I have been an audio fan for over 15 years, I didn't realize what high-end audio was all about up until about four years ago. I will never forget what I heard the first time that I experienced a true high-end system. My life has been changed forever. I am now a Krell and Wilson Audio fan for LIFE! :-)

Brian Boehler's picture

Quality audio draws me closer to the music which has always been my goal.

Ray's picture

I've been at this game for about twenty five years. For a while I was almost persuaded that CD was the way to go. However, on a whim decided to "look" again at my LP library and, voila, found that LPs in general are much more involving than CDs. Why? Don't know. There seem to be as many theories as there are proponents. In fact I'm so sure that vinyl is closer to reality that I'm looking to add to my library by buying from the specialty vinyl producers. CD is good, it still seems to me that there is a lack of naturalism to the sound. IF they ever nail down all the parameters for accurate reproduction, then CD will finally surpass vinyl. Not holding my breath.

Louie Jones's picture

My real interest in high-end began in about 1983 when I first discovered a very small, typo-encumbered magazine that talked about the way equipment sounded, rather than specs: Stereophile.

R.D.  Meenach's picture

In 1966 I walked into a guy's dorm room and listened to The Blues Project's "Live at Cafe Au Go Go" through Koss Pro 4 A headphones driven by a little Leak amplifier. My life was changed at that moment.

Leon Vick's picture

My first system came from Sun Electronics on 9th St. in DC in 1956: a Garrard player with a GE cartridge, a Grommes 12W amp, and a University 312 triaxial speaker in a big plywood box. The changes made since seem endless, but worth every penny. Today it's all Levinson and Mirage. Next year . . . ?

Ijohnson's picture

I've been chasing the hign end for almost 30 years and I feel I'am close to giving it all up. I've gone through countless systems over the years and I feel I have arrived at a very good system. But as soon as I hear live music for a short time, I see it will take a very long time to reach my goal. I've heard all the greatest systems from a price of $1000 up to $100,000 and I can't get away from the things that allow me to enjoy the music. You know what they are; soundstage, front to back depth, real life tonality, the feeling that sound is still coming out of two boxes(or panels, or screens). These things drive me crazy. I'am getting close to just listening to a portable radio. I know I sound like I'am burnt out but after almost 30 years of chasing this dream, I'am afarid I'll have to admit it may be beyond the reach of our current designers. At least for my lifetime.

Bob Currul's picture

Although interested in quality audio I purchased a system 10 yrs ago which I recently discovered was really not High End. I also tried Stereophile at that time but said "HUH", giving it another try

Mike Wisker's picture

McIntosh rules!

Alex Douglass's picture

And I have learned a lot thanks to your magazine

Mannie Smith's picture

My first real hi-fi purchase (in 1962) was a pair of AR2 speakers---my daughter still has them.

Brad Bryant's picture

I've been interested in high end audio for more than 20 years, but I never had any high end equipment in the beginning. I still don't have true high-end equipment by many people's standards, but I have some good equipment that I enjoy very much . I'm always looking for a good, reasonable way to upgrade.

Steve Dudley's picture

Thanks Stereophile for all the help you have given me in putting together my current system. It sounds killer!

Ed Strnad's picture

Built my first hi-fi components when I was 17: Fisher tuner, Eico amp, AR 4x speakers, Garrard TT. Have had many systems since then, but the first one is always the best one.

Urbain du Plessis's picture

My interest started as a teenager and has been fueled ever since by quality magazines. Growing up in Africa and now living in Australia.

J.  Tarnow's picture

It's addictive.....

Karl Richichi U.T.  Media's picture

I was about eight. I figured it out when the KISS lps I would record onto 8 track never sounded all that hot..

Jim Graham's picture

I've been into it for about 10 years. My wife (of 10 years), well...she's finally comming around!

Ernie Watson's picture

Ever since I noticed my first little 3W tube-amp kit actually sounded better than the transistor amps of the same era. That 3W amp was mono and a Heathkit. Now THAT dates me.

Steve Houle's picture

Got the bug from highschool electronics class, and never gotten over it.

Rand Lander's picture

Living in dormitories did it---first at boarding school,then at college. AR turntables, the original Advent loudspeaker, Dynaco PAS-3x and Stereo 70s, not to mention a plethora of relatively cheap monster receivers, Dual 1229s, the Advent cassette deck (and receiver)---and a roomate with a McIntosh preamp and a huge Sony reel-to-reel. Thanks,Woodstock (that was his nickname), wherever you are. I have the bug to this day. And am not sorry a bit.

Gary, Rochester's picture

I love my gear,but find that few of my friends care enough about high-qual sound to make it worthy of discussion. I have turned them on to some really great music, however.

James May, Seattle, WA's picture

I had speakers in cardboard enclosures in my college dorm in 1959. I loved my old Garrard turntable as much as anything I've owned. I built many Heathkit amps. And then I sold my Marantz 8B to go to transistors---lord, what a mistake. Audio is a great hobby/obsession.

Jeffrey Morgan's picture

My first system was a synergistic disaster. It was when I learned that good components do not necessarily equal a good system. Epicure speakers, Technics receiver, Dual turntable and Shure V-15 cartridge. I spent more money on a Rotel equalizer trying to brighten it up. Shouldn't have bought it piece by piece without listening to the entire system. If you're just joining, use your ears and listen to the entire set-up. Don't just trust each magazine piece review.

Craig Sypnier's picture

I assume you mean how old was I when I was "bitten"? I was 8 years old when I bugged my older brother to buy me a microphone for our old Bell & Howell open-reel machine, and I have been in love ever since. Even then I realized there was a difference between mass-market stuff and good sounding gear-I learned from my brother who had some tube gear of course! My system is geared to analog and is comprised of all used pieces, including Magnepan, Belles, ReVox, Nordost and VPI. The day I lose my hearing will be sad indeed, as music is what makes life worth living-It touches my soul, and I know I am not alone!

Klaus Armbruster's picture

I'm 40 now; I started to improve my stereo when I was about 15. Today, I wouldn't call the stuff I bought then "high-end," but I certainly felt like it was high-end 25 years ago.

Bj's picture

Ever since my early teens, I've been interested in the high-quality reproduction of music. I am known for that among my friends, and today I work as a high-end salesman.

Steve Guttenberg's picture

It's not how long you make it, it's how you make it long.