How interested are you in seeing Stereophile cover computer-based audio systems?

Computers are increasingly finding their way into music systems, but how do you feel about it? Should <I>Stereophile</I> spend more time looking at this option in its pages?

How interested are you in seeing <I>Stereophile</I> cover computer-based audio systems?
Extremely interested
19% (69 votes)
Very interested
11% (42 votes)
14% (50 votes)
Not so interested
15% (55 votes)
Not interested
16% (58 votes)
Don't do it!
25% (93 votes)
Total votes: 367

Colin Robertson's picture

I am interested in Hi-Fi when I read stereophile. Computers thus far have yet to achieve this status. That said, I think it's very important to be able to see whats out there in computer audio, in hopes of it getting better, and to let manufacturers know that we don't want to settle for crap audio. The recent review of the Southerland USB D/A pre-amp was great. This is one of the first REAL attempts at making a high quality audio component for computers. Hey guys lets see more of this stuff so that we can maybe enjoy computer audio.

Paul J.  Stiles, Mtn.View, CA's picture

How do you SEE anything over an audio system, computer based or othrwise? Even using a computer based audio system to preview music releases is sort of pointless in regards to high-end music reproduction.

Anonymous's picture

There are already about a dozen computer magazines avavilable already-stick to what you do best.

Grosse Fatigue's picture

I am interested in a better written magazine, like the Stereophile of ten years ago, with more input and hardware comparison from the reviewer, and less boched up reviews a la Hi-Fi News, which is the direction you have been taking in recent years. I no longer subscribe to Stereophile.

tony esporma's picture

Audio cards! Forget the all in one systems like Linn.. they are overpriced and obsolete the day they come out.

Frosty Stillwell's picture

I have a high-end system, over $ 47,000 total, but I spend more time with my computer then with my stereo system! Go figure. It seems that the lure of never-ending music online is nonstop!

Bubba in SF's picture

Since audio is converging with computers and everything down the road will be hard drive based, it makes sense that the equipment will be covered byu Stereophile. If not then your magazine will go away like it did on my local Hastings shelves.

Norm Strong's picture

I spend more time in front of the computer than almost anywhere else. If there's something I can do to make the computer audio experience better, bring it on.

Dilbert's picture

PC-world stereophile?!?

Al Earz's picture

Lets please have an audio magazine and let Sound and Vision or PC World do the computer thing. The excisting Stereophile is what I subscribed to, if I want computer reports I can obtain those in other magazines.

Teresa's picture

Computers are computers and Music systems are Music systems, GOD HELP US IF THE TWAIN SHALL MEET!

Joel's picture

I wouldn't mind a Michael Fremer type having 2 pages to write about such things But for the time being, your main focus should remain as it is.

KRB's picture

I'm archiving my entire music collection to a Linux based RAID server along with all my DVDs. So I'm definitely interested getting the best quality output from computers.

Peter C's picture

I already have 400 CDs in uncompressed AIFF files playing through an outboard DAC using iTunes to manage the library. I find it fantastic in terms of flexibilty and sound quality—enough to abandon my relatively expensive CD transport and SACD.

Jack van Driel's picture

Computer based systems will eventually be the primary source of obtaining and storing digitized music. I am convinced that they will form an important part of any audio system. Probably the only one for most consumers, so, as a community, we should track these developments and help to steer them into the right direction!

Victor Washall Jr.'s picture

I become tired just thinking about it. I almost puke when I see a computer, that's why I spend so much time in front of my two-channel audio system.

Stephen Curling's picture

Computers and music are becoming increasingly more integrated. For that reason Stereophile should at least keep track of what's going on. The iPod review was a great start-no the iPod isn't the most accurate playback device-but it does represent a step forward with computers and music.

Rick Shapiro's picture

This is where audio is headed, so you guys should be there

Extremely Rested's picture

More! Gasp! Stop! Gasp! More!

FvK's picture

It is bound to be the way forward. So you should cover these developments.

Joe Hartmann's picture

This has been a topic in your pages for a while now but like alternative formats I do not find this an issue in the shops I visit.'s picture

Oh YES! Take a peek at Safeway's brand of mini components with "TC" (total compression) shown at CES too.

Charles Gordon's picture

Not only this category, but I'd like to see even more diversity in editorial content. If we need to lose a few reviews of flagship speakers with unobtainium tweeters, so be it.

Jim G.'s picture

When this happens, as if it isn't right now, I'll divorce myself of all audio publications! Nothing that I have ever heard coming out of a computer EVER sounded any better than a 78 RPM recording! In fact, some 78's sounded better.

Arthur J Edwards, Jr's picture

I would like to see Stereophile continue to provide coverage of high quality (high fidelity) music reproduction systems. And, I think that they should cover all types of music reproduction systems, regardless of format. But, I do not think that Stereophile should be covering the latest rage (unless the latest rage is also the greatest!) If Stereophile finds high quality in a music system, I would like to read about it. If a system if not high quality, I do not want to read about it in Stereophile. And, I do not want to read a magazine that has preconceived notions of what sounds good and what does not. Subjective listening tests coupled with objective measurements seems a most appropriate combination.

Timothy O.  Driskel's picture

But this is not to say I don't think it should not be covered. After all, this is a sight for music and the next generation is going to combine the two whether I agree with a PC being in the mix or not. Who know's, maybe one day even I will grow to appreciate the PC being in a Hi-Fi system!

Tony P., Washington, DC's picture

I think occasional coverage -- say, one review per issue -- is appropriate, especially if it deals with convergence products (DARs, etc.) I would like the focus to remain on traditional audio, however.

Samuel Verheul (from Holland)'s picture

Even if the PC should reach the quality of high-end digital audio. The thing itself is to noisy (in whatever form) to deliver a pleasant musical experience. Computers are for offices not for the living and listening room. I always turn off my PC when listening to music

Older Brother Gert's picture

Like it or not, this is the future. Online content delivery is what the mass market desires. But there will always be tubes in one room of my house.

Alvester Garnett's picture

I'd be very interested to see a review of an audiophile rig utilizing a compute- based music server and a wireless network with upsampling somewhere in the chain. I'd also prefer either uncompressed .wav files or lossless compression as the reference format.