How important is the visual design of an audio product to you?

How important is the visual design of an audio product to you?
Extremely important
17% (44 votes)
Very important
35% (90 votes)
Somewhat important
31% (79 votes)
Not important at all
16% (42 votes)
Total votes: 255

Some audio companies, such as Bang & Olufsen, concentrate just as many resources into their products' appearance as into their sound. Does this matter to you?

nck's picture

What's the use of something which looks good, costs a lot but doesn't sound good?

Mark Decker's picture

Aesthetics are almost as important as quaility. If you have lots of black boxes (in addition to five or six speakers) in your living room, it defeats the purpose of having a nicely decorated room. Macintosh is making a killing on the iMac because people want a more visually appealing "appliance" in their office.

Wal Riley's picture

I know that the subject matter is primarily about sound but there really isn't any excuse for shoddy build quality or a lack of design flair, especially in high end gear and by that I mean anything over

Andrew D.'s picture

Hey, if it works, it ok. Form follows function...

Jetx from NPR's picture

The visual appeal is part of the total audio experience. To ignore it prevents complete enjoyment of this hobby.

Andrew Bacon's picture

Even in standby, my Rowland mono's assure me with confidence and sheer lust.

Boris Volarich's picture

I don't look at equipment ... I listen to it!

Dave W.'s picture

A secondary consideration (after performance) that I consider a bonus.

Dr.  Vince Rahal's picture

I found that at a certain level all great speakers (usually very expensive) sound "great". So the deciding factor is visual design. Speakers are still large objects in your makes a big difference if they match your decor. I personally like the cherry wood cases I've seen in some top name brand speakers.

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My co-worker just bought a complete B&O system. He is still married....