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How good is your hearing?

This is posted under analog by default - there's no Misc catagory.

It seems that people are often going on about what they, or someone else can or cannot hear, and what it caused me to wonder is how good people think they can hear.

This might end up being the same as asking a person to rate their own intelligence...

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Re: How good is your hearing?

Hearing or listening skills - or are they the same? Mine is still better than most, probably less good than it was ten years ago, and not as good as I wish it was. I think JA, and perhaps some of the reviewers have actually engaged in formal hearing tests in the recent past. I haven't. I have an ad hoc test that comes out of discussions when auditioning components: what do I hear vs. what the salesperson hears. It's really more of a game, I guess, but a harmless one. Though I'm sure it isn't true, I keep hoping that like muscles the complex hearing apparatus gets stronger and better with proper use.

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Re: How good is your hearing?

I can still hear flyback transformers on certain TV's. If I remember correctly that is >15KHz.

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Re: How good is your hearing?

When I had a physical last Fall in preparation for some travelling as well as for renewing my driver's licence, I was told from an "informal" hearing test that I have some hearing loss. I wasn't told the exact nature of my problem, but that has to be determined with more formal testing. I wonder if my hearing is "average" for my age range (50-60) and what my stereo system must sound like to others?....

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