How far have you traveled to audition or purchase an audio component?

How far have you traveled to audition or purchase an audio component?
Up to 25 miles
36% (64 votes)
Up to 50 miles
11% (19 votes)
Up to 100 miles
18% (31 votes)
Up to 250 miles
13% (23 votes)
Up to 500 miles
8% (14 votes)
Up to 1000 miles
6% (11 votes)
Up to 3000 miles
3% (5 votes)
Over 3000 miles
6% (10 votes)
Total votes: 177

Some audiophiles will only buy what they can hear, which poses a challenge if what you want is hundreds of miles away. How far have you traveled to audition or purchase an audio component? <P><I>Note to last week's vote commenters: due to a server move, we lost several days' worth of votes. We're all better now but we apologize if your comments didn't make it.</I>

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

I have three good audio retailers in Columbus. Still, they don't carry everything, and my money is hard-enough earned that if I'm going to drop a couple kilobucks on something, I'm gonna make darned sure it's the best I can afford.

Guido D&#039;arrizo's picture

Living in MD now, I traveled to Orchard Park NY to audition speakers at my old stereo shop where I spent most of my youth and my money chasing the "dream."

AMak's picture

Went to Canada to purchase my Paradigm (when the Canadian dollar was much lower). Excellent speakers.

Perry's picture

If an item such as an amp is getting a lot of really positive reviews, and it is not turning up in abundance on the used market, I will take a chance when it does turn up used at a reasonable price. That way I don't take to much of a hit if I do not like it. But I study a long time before I buy. The less expensive, the more likely I am to take a chance on new.

Mike Agee's picture

To Fidelis in southern New Hampshire, a great store and definitely worth the trip.

TK's picture

Every mile was worth it! I didn't buy what I drove to hear, but did buy what I heard because I drove.

Charlie be Wise's picture

To audition one Stanton CS-100 cartridge, I flew from Puerto Rico to New Jersey, to a friend's home, who owned one such model.

Francisco Valery's picture

Because of a Sam Tellig review, five years ago I went from Caracas, Venezuela to Paris, France to audition a pair of Focal-JM Labs Electra 926, which I bought. I have never regretted it: The sound is clear, ultra-fast, and the details are always easy to recognize. A tad on the dry side, paired with my warm CD player (old Sony XA7ES, Class B for years) and a McIntosh amp, they make music!

Rob M.'s picture

First high end gear I ever bought. I was 16 and I bought a Mcintosh amp. Saved up a whole year to buy it.

Stephen Curling's picture

I drove nearly 100 miles to purchase a pair of subwoofers many years ago. It was worth the drive and I only recently sold one.

John Leonard's picture

About 35-40 miles in the Los Angeles basin.

Yves Simon's picture

It is easier to buy and sell through the Internet. Hi-fi shops are obsolete.

J.  Richard's picture

Von Schweikert VR-1 Bookshelf Speakers. Got a good price, too.

pathfinder's picture

A good question posted by Stereophile staff. How obsessive and compulsive is the average audiophile's love of gizmo-audio components? Look at the big picture in perspective. These components are the means to an end: music. Just enjoy the music. I was obsessed with hi-fi components for more than 30 years, until I settled down finally to the intended result: Just enjoy the music. Mission accomplished in the end.

Dave Williams's picture

One trip of about 100 miles to purchase, but about 1000 miles of traveling to audition items before the actual purchase.

Paul LaNoue's picture

When I trave,l I find a high-end audio shop. Then I audition anything I am interested in buying. Have gone 350 miles just to audition speakers.

Corky's picture

Travelled to the Austraillian Outback to hear native Aboriginal drum circles for comparison purposes to my custom constructed speakers and amplifiers powered by small nuclear reactors. Upon listening, I found it cheaper to purchase and relocate the tribe rather than invest in audio equipment.

nunh's picture

Not far.

Hein Hopmans's picture

Flew from CT to MI to listen to the new IDS-25 speakers designed by Roger Russel. Bought a pair and enjoy them very much. Fabulous.

Paul D&#039;Amboise's picture

I was temporarily living in the Akron, Ohio area and went back to my home base of Montreal to audition speakers. Each way was about 700 miles or so. The irony is I ended up buying my speakers in Ohio, 10 miles from where I was living.

Aden's picture

Not far. I'll happily buy used unheard if there is a good chance I can re-sell the item if I don't like it.