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How to equalize

I'm using a Behringer EQ that has an internal pink noise generator and self adjusts its settings for frequency response. Disregarding views for or against this setup, what do you recommend? Setting the left and right channels individually, which would maybe would optimize each speakers setting but not take into account the interaction of two speakers together. Or play both channels together and set the EQ right and left channels the same and hope that it all averages out?

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Re: How to equalize

I am obsessively methodical so here is how I would approach do this. I would set each channel one at a time and then "fine tune" the system with both channels active. Additionally, during the "fine tuning" phase I would make identical corrections on each channel by only adjusting the frequencies that require "tuning" and make the CHANGE identical, NOT the setting. My thinking is that each channel will have different room interactions and doing it this way will preserve those differences.

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