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How does Marantz stack up?

I am in the market for an SACD player and an integrated AMP. I've long loved the Marantz name and have my mind on the Marantz SA-15S1 and PM-15S1. So natually I checked this issue but found no Marantz products mentioned anywhere. I am wondering is it not a good enough brand or similar products have been reviewed before?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: How does Marantz stack up?

Marantz makes great stuff. They also have some pretty good warrantys on the more pricey stuff. It looks like they have some newer models coming in Dec. Like a Universal CHANGER that they don't have in their line now, their "universal" players that do DVD-A and SACD look to be single drawer. Changers are so much more convienet. And if you can hear teh difference between a changer and a single drawer player, you have ears that are not mortal. That MYTH still going round?

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Re: How does Marantz stack up?

I bought the SA11S1 CD/SACD player about a year ago to replace a Musical Fidelity CD player. I wanted a dedicated two-channel player with SACD capability. I was delighted with the Marantz player at first listen, and I like it even better now. Like Robert Harley, I think that it provides real high end performance at a meduim price level. It performs better than any other player I've heard that I can afford. Since I got my player, the SA15 has, as I understand it, been modified/improved and I haven't had a chance to hear the current model. For the price difference, it may be the better value. Don't hesitate to audition it. If you like it as much as I think you will, you'll probably want it.

Regards the amp, the claim is that it delivers the warm mellow sound that made Marantz amps sought after in the past. I suspect that is true. One question you need to address is whether 90watts into 8 ohms represents a good match with your musical preferences and the speakers you'll be using. Another issue will be whether your rack set-up will allow for the 8"-10" clearance you'll want to allow for cooling. Marantz amps. historically tend to behave a bit like toasters.

If those two considerations don't represent problems, the matched pair might make the heart of a very tasty system. The specs look fine, and so are the Marantz guarantees.

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