How do you listen to the majority of your music during the year?

Formats change, resolutions change, but the music remains. Sure you may pop a record on the turntable once in a while, but how do you listen to the <I>majority</I> of your music during the year?

How do you listen to the <I>majority</I> of your music during the year?
24% (55 votes)
CD Disc Player
42% (95 votes)
CDs on a DVD-V Player
5% (11 votes)
SACD Disc Player
9% (20 votes)
DVD-A Disc Player
0% (0 votes)
FM Radio
7% (15 votes)
Satellite Radio
2% (4 votes)
Web Radio
0% (1 vote)
Hard Disk Device
8% (19 votes)
2% (5 votes)
Total votes: 225

Reg's picture

I listen to a computer playing iTunes most of the day.

Harris Haft's picture

Owning your own collection of CDs is for me. After all, many CDs are no longer available, ( Shostakovich Symphonies 6&9 by Bernstein or Tomita's The Planets) and, if you can find them, you will pay a heavy premium on the second hand-market. So I buy CDs or SCADs, and know that I will allways have them. This also includes old LPs that are no longer available. No, I am not old enough to have 78's...

Al Earz's picture

Actually, it's an Ayre C-5xe so I enjoy all the formats on it. I seemed to drop my turntable time when I got this player. At least for now, I am re-discovering my CD collection.

Dimitris Gogas's picture

I like radio. I like satellite radio even more. You know, great variety, decent sound, etc. If you don't know, fellow readers, then you should.

Dave Bennett's picture

Unfortunately, most of my listening is via a portable CD player. At least I use a headphone amp and Etymotic headphones. The reason? I spend most of my life "on the road," so I listen a lot on airplanes. At home, most of my listening is vinyl, then CDs and SACDs. However, the amount I listen at home is much less than the amount I listen while traveling.

Dhiman Vashi's picture

CD. Still the way in view of easy availibility.

Daniel Emerson's picture

Vinyl just edges out CD, as they are the two formats on which I own the majority of my music.

Stefano Lindiri's picture

Second the turntable!

JCS's picture

I can finally listen to digital without grinding my teeth.

Mike Shanahan, Sweden's picture

I suppose under "other" you would include reel-to-reel tape and casettes, but who except a studio geek or a dinosaur uses these?

Dennis's picture

I love my records but as it is a chore, my usual is Red Book CDs off of an awesome SAVD player (Musical Fidelity kW).

GNB's picture

My Olive Symphony with a moded P3a DAC has recently replaced my Denon 2900/P3a combo. As a transport, it is simply wonderful, my DAC is obviously the limiting factor now as I've had a borrowed Turbo Moded Electrocompaniet ECD-1 in the system and OMG! Oh, did you say majority of time? Hmmm, probably XPN FM radio and web radio combined as background music... by a small margin.

Dave in Dallas's picture

Three hours a week listening at the gym makes the iPod #1. Red Book CD is second, and everything else is a distant third.

Al Marcy's picture

Sony 400 DVD changer.

Emil Andreevski's picture

Satellite digital, via (Primare) pre-pro, digital connection.

Nodaker's picture

I selected SACD as that is what I have in my main system. However, I probably listen more at work and in my car with regular CD players than I do critical listening on my main system. Hurry up retirement!

macksman's picture

Okay, I have spent some time considering this answer and it really does come out LPs, but not by that much. The CD player gets considerable play but not dominantly and most in-car sound is FM, but NPR is mostly not music. Web radio is for my office (WRR and Wolfgang's Vault) but that's not listening. DVD-V is movies at my place. Though I certainly may pop a CD into the Ikemi now and then, most of the music I listen to comes from a big black, or sometimes clear or colored, vinyl disc. And it sounds real good.

Ken's picture

Vinyl still rules.

Santiago's picture

Digital audio from my computer, via M-Audio Delta 1010LT boards, through Behringer DEQ2496, Hafler Pro 1200, and self-made speakers, adjusted with Liberty Audiosuite.

Mike Agee's picture

I regret to say I listen to CDs now almost exclusively, because I haven't been able to coax great sound from my supposedly great turntable. I'd love an article not on the finer points of overhang and tracking, because I've tried all that, but on specfic supports for different types of turntables. Why wall-mounts are good when bass concentrates there, what specific problems sound like, and practical ways to minimize surface noise on a clean record. Ideas that don't necessarily involve expensive pre-built items would be welcome too.

Blue Mikey's picture

Computer hard drive, computer speakers (mine are Creative i-Trigue 2200s). Hate to admit it, but it's true, and you asked.

peder's picture

Sold off my digtal and I'm back to the way I like, natural sound (analog).

df's picture

Though I prefer listening to DVD-Audio and SACD, the fact is that I spend most of my time in my office where I listen to music that I've encoded to a hard drive. Even while home, I'm often running from room to room, cooking, or whatever, so though there's music on, I'm not really listening, so again, the convenience (and wonderful randomness) of playing music from my library via iTunes through my multi-room system is great.

P Washington's picture

No contest's picture

When we get a better sounding format than records, I'll change. But, for now, I'm worth the best.

Craig's picture

Time-wise I suppose most of my

Allan Stock's picture

CD at home and in the car. Turntable a close second. FM radio third.

Roger Staton's picture

I have a large vinyl collection and a good replay system - LP12 etc - but the CD replay system gives me more at present

Chris J's picture

Lately it's been my TT, but that's because I was given 1000+ records. I probably do 70% TT, 29% CDs, 1% radio.

Joe Hartmann's picture

I listen to the radio infrequently, mostly in the car. My collection of softwear started 50 years ago so 85% is on LP. Right now, I am listening to a CD (I own two players and a DVD player, but most of my listening is still from my 25-year-old Linn (a great purchase, which I keep tuned up just like my car).