How do you find new music?

How do you find new music?
Here's how
89% (109 votes)
Can't find any
11% (14 votes)
Total votes: 123

Finding new music used to be easy: listen to the radio or find a talkative clerk at the local record store. Now that the Internet has changed everything, how do you find new music?

Dennis's picture

I'm actually finding old music that I haven't listened to before. (Richard Keith) plays all the great old stuff. I listen with a pad and pencil, then go to Amazon and buy the disc—or, if I'm lucky, the LP at Acoustic Sounds. I'm building up a great library due to Rich.

ty's picture

Mainly YouTube, for finding, then buying LPs —or, if not available, CDs.

K.  Kjelson, Hollywood Hills's picture

I happen to live in a large cosmopolitan area where several brick-and-mortar record stores still flourish. I tend to buy music from those outlets; however, the bulk of my new music research comes from online sources via email. It's a mixed bag these days, for sure.

MusicMac's picture

I read reviews, I listen to samples online, I might even might hear something interesting on the radio—well, it could happen.

Mark in NJ (Summit)'s picture

iTunes. I still rely on my local record shop to come up with recommendations. The owner knows my taste and usually comes up with great recommendations. I know that I am in the minority these days.

Steve's picture

Read music blogs, also magazines like Gramophone and Stereophile. Samples on iTunes and Amazon. Local record store.

Tim Bishop's picture

Well, mostly from what is playing in stores, or VH1. I have tried the Internet a little.

Anonymous's picture

Listening to XM satellite radio and NPR.

Perry's picture

I listen to Pandora. They have turned me on to loads of music I would never have otherwise been aware of. Who knew the Beastie Boys had a jazz album out?