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how do i purchase a subwoofer suited for this tube amp?

The following is the description i found online for the 3rd party tube amp that i've got:


The Stage 1 is a hybrid tube/solid-state amplifier, which uses a tube preamp stage using JJ Electronics 12AU7 tubes and a solid state power section that churns out 35 watts per channel..
The Stage 1.5 is similar to Stage 1, but comes with remote control and has had its potentiometer upgraded to an Alps unit.

There are a pair of phono jack outputs labeled as main out. The tube amp is connected to a pair of KEF Cresta 2s 100w speakers. If i connect the main out to a sub-woofer will that mean all the sound will be 'transfered' or lined to the woofer and my speakers will go mute?

Sorry as i'm a noob in subwoofers hence need your help on this. thanx ahead!

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