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How do I get 2-channel audio from HDMI?

Considering a PS3 with Yellow Dog Linux installed ( Price right: fast linux workstation using IBM Cell, blu-ray disc player, & game console. But the output must be hooked up either with HDMI cable or DVI cable. The proffered advantage of HDMI is that it bundles audio and video into HDTV, whatever. O.K.--but what I really want is to get the audio signal over to my power amp. Does anyone have experience with this? SONY STYLE "thought" I could take the sound out from the HDTV. This is too many steps, I think.

Embarrassed but I don't even know if PS3/blu-ray is passing a digital or analogue signal. And next to impossible to find out at If it is a pure digital signal, does that imply that I will need to bring signal into DAC and then send analogue signal to power amp?

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Richard Moss

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