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How do I drive speakers from headphone drivers?

I’m using a SOM which has TLV320AIC3106 on it, I want to use speakers, but
TLV320AIC3106 has output for headphones.

I am complete newb regarding audio electronics, but I guess I need to use amplifier for this.

Is there anyone give some ideas regarding this issue? What amplifier to use? Many thanks.

Enclose TLV320AIC3106 Data Source:

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Preamp and amp

Unless you want to get out the soldering iron, and start building electronics you don’t’. You buy a music streamer (and / or CD player / turntable), DAC, Preamp, and amplifier. These can be all separates, as you would buy in a high-end solution or partly or wholly integrated into one box (the least good sounding and cheapest). That is the simple answer.

Follow on questions?

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