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How about that single malt?

Over the years, Sam Tellig's reviews have, more than once, led me to audition equipment which I later bought and loved. There's lots of overlap in our musical tastes and equipment preferences. It seems only yesterday that I put the Unico SE on my "good stuff" list, largely based on the amp's characteristics, Sam's wildly enthusiastic evaluation, and his willingness to nominate it for "Component of the Year".

Now comes Sam with Sugden Audio A21SE. He Loves it. Pure Class A without the fuss of tubes. Probably unique in that sense, and with enough output to make my little Sonus Fabers sing. What's not to like? It doubles as a hotplate, that's what. Can't leave it on all the time except during the winter, it will heat the house. Takes half an hour to warm up after being off, so if you want a little Mozart with your morning coffee, you better get up half an hour earlier.

Why would I pay a 30% premium over the Unico to accept that major shortcoming? Would I feel differently if I too enjoyed enough of Roy Hall's fine whiskey?

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Re: How about that single malt?

Yo, Cheapskate. I just popped the seal on a new (urp) bottle o' Glenmorangie and threw some jazz on my ST-recommended Triangle/Musical Fidelity-based system...I may just be settled in for the night. Amen to your post: save a few grand by going for the good (relatively) cheap stuff (which Sam always seems to come up with) and pay a bit more for a 10 year supply of liquid peat. Now THAT's livin' the high life (sorry, Miller Guy...I love beer, but it's too quick to the bladder for musical enjoyment). Here's to good tunes and golden ambrosia. Clifton

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Re: How about that single malt?

ST was at the top of his writing game this month. He had me laughing out loud and was clearly enjoying writing this months piece.

Roy Hall seems to have accepted the fact that ST is going to compare his stuff with components that are always superior to his. His return comments seemed to lack the usual visceral impact.

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Re: How about that single malt?

I love Sam T's work - makes me laugh as ("I laugh my evil laugh"). We, seemingly, have a lot in common. His work makes me laugh and I love the commentary as well travel stories. Of course, I am a fan of tubes, inexpenive components, and European travel. Roy Hall seems like a character as well - thank God we have people like Mr. Hall in this world that put out inexpensive, quality products. It seems to me his sense of humor is alive and kicking just the way I like it!


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Re: How about that single malt?

Sam Tellig's reviews, stiries always amuse me and he doesn't always listen to equiptment the rest of us can only dream about. I like that. I think the decline in the industry has been brought about by corperate greed.

What hifi (Excuse my UK speak) industry needs, is the NAD 3020 of the early 70's and some decent low cost speakers and front end equiptment. Stuff that isn't 7.1 channels with flashing lights.

Just good basic 2 channel audio that my kids, working stiffs can afford and upgrade as they grow out of young families, etc etc etc

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Re: How about that single malt?

Yo, Cheapskate. I just popped the seal on a new (urp) bottle o' Glenmorangie ....

Good man Clifton.... Last week it was the Aberlour for myself, next I think it will be the Macallan...


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