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Home Theater Choice

So heres what I'm looking at. I will be buying a new house in the coming weeks and will be adding a home theater system in the living room. The living room is open concept right next to the kitchen and dinning room, so while is primarily for watching movies (Son BDPS300) and sports (Motorolla HD DVR) it will on occasion be used for music as well (mostly rock on the heavier end of things).
Right now the 2 systems I am looking at are the NHT Classic 4 and the Swans Diva 6.2. It appears after calling my local hifi shops that getting a demo of the NHT will be easy but the swans will likely be more difficult. Now I've heard some other Swans in the past and really enjoyed them, so I'm looking for a little insight on how the Swan would compare. Also anything else system wise that might compare in that 3-5,000 range (bear in mind the NHT comes with an Amp and Processor).

thanks in advance

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