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Home audio system help


I am building a house and would like to setup in-ceiling speakers in multiple rooms. I am completely new to audio systems and trying to get some guidance on what type of speakers, receiver etc I should use. I am looking to setup speakers in the following rooms, and have initially thought of RC80i speakers as they are cost effective ($150 per pair).

1) Main living room: 6 RC80i speakers (35ft x 15ft room)
2) Patio area outside living room (outdoor under the roof): 4 RC80i speakers (28ft x 12ft)
3) Family dining: 2 RC80i speakers (15ft x 12ft)
4) Master bathroom: 2 RC80i speakers (12ft x 12ft)
5) Master bedroom: 4 RC80i speakers (15ft x 20ft)

I will be using this sound system to play background music, and I don't have the most sensitive ear. I am looking for good value for money, where the quality is good enough for regular music listeners. Some of my friends were mentioning Sonos/Bose (since those are the brands that they hear about), but at $600 per pair, I am trying to understand if I will really get much superior sound quality and durability from them.

As for the receiver, I am thinking of something like Denon HEOS which will allow multiple zones per unit, and have builtin chromecast, which is important as I want to do my home automation using Google Home.

Would appreciate any help in making the correct choices when it comes to my sounds system.


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