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Hip Hop Music
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Hey anyone listen to hip hop music here? My cousin at Universal just got me a copy of Juelz Santana's new CD. It's not supposed to be out till like the 26th, but i got the advance copy =P Anyhow, i thought the album was krazy, you guys should check it out too. (you can find some streams of the songs at

Judging by your moniker should I assume you are a DJ? To be honest, I don't think you will find much of the Stereophile crowd interested in hip-hop. I am 49 and listen to hip-hop as well as the other "audiophile-approved" genres of music, but you might find me to be the exception to your typical Stereophile reader/subscriber. I was raised primarily on R&B/funk/soul, and was a DJ myself at one time, so for me hip-hop is not much of a stretch. Otherwise, thanks for the heads-up on the new CD .

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