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Denny B
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High-End Multimedia

I have been in the High-End Audio industry for almost 22 years now,I have had a small loudspeaker business for about that long,but for the last 6 or 7 years my intrest in computers and computer building has sparked my intrest in putting the two together,for years computers have been limited to business word processing and data storage,but with all the latest innovations in audio and video processing the future seems promising for high-end computing especially in the area of multi-media.I still love 2 channel audio,but all of this new computer stuff gets me excited too!!! Any Thoughts??

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Re: High-End Multimedia

I think it will be some time before we can get real high end sound out of a computer system, but you can get decent sound.

There are some sound cards that get good sound and any amp speaker combo can be connected to it. You can also connect the computers sound card to an input on a preamp/integrated amp, etc.

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