HiFi Rose RS520 streaming integrated amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Digital sources: 16" MacBook Pro M1 Max running Roon 2.0. Roon ROCK (Lenovo ThinkCentre). Auralic Vega DAC. Naim Uniti Atom controlled via iPad Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.
Preamplifiers: Benchmark HPA4, Naim Uniti Atom.
Power amplifiers: Krell FPB 200c (recapped). PrimaLuna EVO 400 integrated amp with Tung-Sol KT150 and Gold Lion platinum 12AU7 tubes. Anthem STR integrated.
Loudspeakers: Tekton Moab, Focal Scala Utopia EVO, Raidho TD3.8.
Subwoofers: Two SVS 3000 Micro, Hsu VTF-2 Mk5.
Cables: AudioQuest, Blue Jeans, Clarus, Nordost, RSX, Viborg Audio.
Accessories: Core Power Technologies Equi-Core 1800 MkII and Deep-Core 1800 power conditioners. Townshend Seismic Isolation Podiums for speakers and power amplifiers.
Listening room: "Special-built 21' × 15' space with ceilings 10' at the walls sloping up to 16' for a total volume about 4000ft3. Double-thick drywall over Rockwool and mass-loaded vinyl. Hardwood floor over plywood, rubber, and a concrete slab. 12' × 15' wool rug on a thick pad. Acoustic treatments include four bass traps, two skyline diffusers, and a dozen wall- and ceiling-mounted absorption panels. Dedicated powerline and 20A outlets.—Rogier van Bakel

HiFi Rose
932 Yangjae-daero, Songpa-gu
South Korea
(312) 841-4087

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If the distortion/noise/jitter were better (not saying it’s for sure audible), this would be an excellent product. I’d say 8/10 as-is.

I’ve seen a few of these at the Florida Audio Expo, this model powering the MoFi SourcePoint 10s, really nice to have a nice display and HDMI out.

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Very enjoyable, informative and well written review . Cheers

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Thanks for the kind words!

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The low resolution of the images included in this article make it overly difficult to read the rear panel markings. I subscribe to the magazine, and well understand that higher resolution images are available there, and I have also read the author's description in the text, but the following image excerpted from the marketing webpage for this product at the HiFi Rose website might be useful for easy reference to some others in your readership.

Also... I did not see mention of this in the article, but the marketing webpage for this product at the HiFi Rose website mentions that an external CDROM may be attached for direct real time playback, or to allow digital audio extraction (CD ripping) facilitated by HiFi Rose's proprietary variant of Google's Andriod operating system utilized in this streamer-DAC-integrated-amplifier.

Some other info which may be interesting to some:

After reading the article, and after reading the information on the marketing webpage for this product at the HiFi Rose website, and after downloading and reading the manual, it is still not clear as to whether or not the preamplifier outputs can be utilized to feed a signal to subwoofers while also using the power amplifiers' outputs to power a pair of loudspeakers, with all sharing the same volume control. Else the only way to send shared volume controlled signal to the subwoofers would be with high level signal from the power amplifier outputs powering the loudspeakers.

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The author mentioned, "...I'll note that the $5999 NAD M33, which I reviewed for a different publication, comes close; it's specified to produce 200W of Purifi Eigentakt power per channel with an 8 ohm load."

My understanding is that the various NAD products utilizing Purifi's Eigentakt modules (or authorized copies thereof manufactured under licensing agreement) have been utilizing the Purifi 1ET400A Eigentakt module which is limited to 25A peak current output. A more recent Purifi 1ET7040SA Eigentakt module can deliver higher 40A peak current with similarly very clean performance.

Buckeye Amplifiers is offering their "Purifi 1ET7040SA Amplifier, Monoblock v2" for $950 each (so $1900 for stereo pair), in direct sales. It is a no-frills design, especially in the external aesthetics, but does include balanced inputs (XLR ports) and switch selectable input gain.

As compared to the amplifier which is the subject of this review, the Purifi Eigentakt modules are very much more load invariant, and so can exhibit much flatter frequency response, reduced linear distortion.

A couple of other very good alternatives from Buckeye would be the Buckeye "Hypex NCx500 Amplifier, Monoblock" for $750 each, and the Buckeye "Hypex NCx500 Amplifier, 2-channel" amplifier for $1095.

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The manufacturer initially rated this unit at 250WPC on their site. The US distributor's advertorial shortly thereafter for the same product rated it at 200wpc, so I emailed the distributor to inquire about the discrepancy and they informed me that '200W was more accurate'. The manufacturer subsequently changed the output rating on their website to 200 wpc.
At any rate, I eventually purchased one last year and I strongly objected to the user interface of the device itself and it's app. I returned it to the dealer and ordered a NAD M33 instead, with which I am very satisfied indeed. The built in BluOS is a dream and the app is still among the very best in the industry. BTW, the above mentioned M33 as reviewed in this publication by Kalman Rubinson in 2020 measured 255Wpc into 8 ohms and 460Wpc into 4 ohms. Another publication's bench test resulted in similar numbers. Yes, it is 40% more money than the Rose, but well worth the investment. And...it's a (Chinese manufactured) Canadian (engineered) product to boot.


I should add that I thought the Hifi Rose sounded pretty good to me at first blush, although I did not keep it long enough to either break it in nor to familiarize myself with it's sound qualities over time. BTW, published spec at the Hifi Rose US website remains "200 watts x 2 into 8 ohms", and not 250.

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... comparison with the combination of a Cambridge CXN v2 Network Player and an NAD C 298 power amp (which uses Purifi modules)?



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"though its class-D output stage has a higher level of ultrasonic noise than I usually find with such designs.—John Atkinson"

You found the same with the RA180 of Rose's, also a GAN output device Class-D amp of theirs.
Yet the Technics SE-R1 also GAN device seems to have none of this from what I've seen, wonder if it has something to do with the 3 x higher switching frequency (1.5mhz) and output filtering they use on it to keep the left over switching noise rubbish and phase shift away from the 20hz to 50khz range?

Cheers George

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I see it streams Apple Music - which I have seen no other streamer do.
This is truly Apple Music and not just Airplay2?
If it really is Apple Music does it stream the high res Apple Music files too?
Does anyone know the answer?

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FiiO R7 ($700) streamer, DAC, preamplifier, headphone amplifier, etc. can stream high resolution lossless Apple Music or can stream from other sources to analog or digital outputs without forcing any sample rate conversion. Most Android-based implementations will force sample rate conversion to 48kHz, but this one does not.

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To clear up some question about the Apple Music implementation.


In-app Apple Music does not support lossless streaming. Currently, the audio source of Apple Music Official SDK (Apple Music Kit) only supports AAC.