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not really certain what the intention of this thread was, especially when the negative comment is made about the magazine which the thread is posted on. anyway, an interesting read nontheless. i think the link you wanted to give was this one:

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I think Mr. Salvatore needs to get a life. He put way too much effort into bashing Stereophile. There must be better things to do---like spinning a few disks of his favorite plastic.

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"Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream. It is not dying."

This forum attracts the critic critics, which then attracts me, and others of my eerie persuasion, the critic critic critics.

I like reading about stereo toys. Some people like writing about how they are so smart and I am so dumb. I like thinking they are having fun, but, actually, I doubt it. Being unhappy is an inside job. It is not likely that paranoia about the secret society of wealthy audio toy makers plotting to keep outsiders from getting in will hold up as new economies bring more and more fine audio toys to the marketplace for less money. Some assume expensive toys must be a joke on the buyers. Well, money is the joke, and most of us don't get it. There is no right and wrong in reading Stereophile. It is a magazine. It talks about listening to music recordings. People who think they know the true secrets of fine listening are everywhere. We are all wrong, sometimes

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I can't believe that anyone could be amazaed or outraged by this article. Advertising dollars corrupt.

What you should buy is what sounds good to you, period.

I thank my lucky stars I can still enjoy a song I like played from a crappy recording on crappy stereo.

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JA was saddled with this kind of carping from the moment he arrived at Stereophile. All part of being the lead dog in the pack while the other dogs all get the same view.

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