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curtis j
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Hi-Fi-Power Cords

Hi Scooter,

Power cords

>"I actually know what it takes to manufacture what I design. Which means that I had 2 courses in Electrical Engineering, just enough to have a basic understanding of electronics. "<

Basic understanding is far to shy to know that
in producing a 'power-cord' that makes adiffence
is more technical, but possible.

I do heartidly agree that the pricing is rediculous, though!

>"However, 110V 60 hz AC power is really really basic."<
>"Why? Simple, 110V 60 Hz power is power, period.
No power cord is going to change that."<

I do not think the manufactures of a 'Hi-Fi' cord
makes any statements about changes in the V or I.

>"Phase Angle are caused by electic motors or flourescent lights but it takes a LOT of consumption by either to have a significant effect."<

Phase in the local device is determined by the device
itself, transformer in particualr.

>" Third, there is the frequency of the incoming power.
No power cord on earth will change that,"<

No mention of Frequency changes either...

>"Noise, which is probably quite typical in a home
>"Noise is so easy, and cheap, to filter out
>"that I would expect that every amplifier made
>"has a very effective noise filtering network...
>"Most likely, just one 2 dollar capaciter and
a small inducter is all that is needed."<

Possibly if you know where and how to apply it...

>"reduces the noise by a factor of 75 db or more. Suppose that it gives an additional 6 db of filtering. Folks, that is a difference between 0.000000029 and 0.0000000075.

dB is logrythmic and is a ratio of 'difference';
also the nosie floor of 'nature' is -60dB, -75 dB has
to be man made.
Using the reference of 2.8 and the '75 dB' down
or attenuation; then 2.8 / 500 nV ~ -75 dB.
There is not any Amplifier, except special recievers
pre-amps.that are that 'clean'.
Most Audio amps have a nosie floor of -29 dB to -35 dB.
This is actually
dBV[times-20] voltage, not dBm power [times-10]

>" Which means that the noise signal that might rob a bit of power from the amp is really really really MINISCULE. I suspect that the difference in noise level is probably well below the measuring threshold of any measuring equipment made.<"

Well there is equipment that can measure to -120dB
but the current 'noise' floors measurements are done
in degrees Kelvin: how cold they are, noise wise !

>"So what's left to explain the "magic"."<

Noise-floor and what it does to the amp's
solid state devices.
The claims of better sound and stage differences
must come from 'something',
beside wishful thinking and -greed-,
Most amps are single eneded in design.
The ground plane is left to handle the 'noise'
by itself. 'Ground' can not cancel noise and it can
only handle so much until it become over-burdened
[saturated-maybe], anyway, this excessive noise
then is 'impressed' upon the lower side of the solid
state devices. The circuit then amplifies this
ground 'noise', which in turn hidders the 'Fidelity'
of the final complex audio signal[s].

>"Henry Kloss? He was my kind of guy, a basic nuts and
>"who had no use at all for the "smoke and mirrors"
that is so common in high end Audio.
>"we really didn't need frequencies we can't hear."<

Frequencies abpve 20kHz do add the 'Fidelity
of what we percieve. The sound from rattling keys
have upper partials that are in the 90-110 kHz range.
But fortunately, enough of the key's frequencies are
lower we are able to distinguish the sound as comming
from a set of keys.

>"Bottomline, these types of components are just
"smoke and mirrors".

No, actually much testing and measuring was done
to make such a power-Cord.

>"If you really think your gear sounds better with one of these power cords it's only because you don't want to think you spent 2 grand and can't hear anything."<

The changes produced by a power are 'large' and very

>"It's amazing the capacity for the human mind to
"adjust" it's perception to meet our expectations.
Just remember that a double blind jury pulled off
the street won't hear a damn thing
and neither will your mate."<

Thanks for the double blind statement...
over 200-300 people have confirmed
the 'good' sound from a well made power cord.
Do you realy believe all these people have been

>"PS, for me, high end speaker wire - Hype. 14 gage zip cord sounds just the same. Hi end interconnects, worth it as long as they are reasonable (50 bucks)."<

Zip cord is ok, but not the best!

Curtis J

Inventor designer of a GOLDEN-Ear awarded
power cord.

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Re: Hi-Fi-Power Cords

Say What?
Nature has a noise floor?
Man made noise floors are better?
Most amplifiers have only a -30 to -35db noise floor?
That would sure put a limitation on dynamic range.
-75 db relative to your 2.8 volt reference would be 500uV, certainly attainable. You were off by three decimal places.
A power cord can affect both voltage and current.
Using a to small of conductor can restrict both.
Phase angle AKA power factor is caused by a reactive load as opposed to a purely resistive load. The reactive component of the load determines the amount of voltage vs current phase shift. Not the size of the load.
And while the theory of filters is simple, the application can be far more difficult, though sometimes you can luck out and solve a problem with one $2 capacitor.
But I do agree with your main point, that better sound from a power cable is most likely psychological.

curtis j
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Re: Hi-Fi-Power Cords

.5 mV, 500 uV

Lamont Sanford
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Re: Hi-Fi-Power Cords

Say What?

But I do agree with your main point, that better sound from a power cable is most likely psychological.

I like that statement. Paying $100 for a $5 power cable would be insane for only an insane buyer would do that. Sort of reminds me of Milo Minderbinder making chocolate covered cotton balls and trying to serve them in the mess hall. It was Yossarian that gave Milo the idea of selling them to the government.

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