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Noob Technology
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The Heretic 1- a non believers take on Turntable building


Presenting the Heretic 1 TT/TA, by Noob Technology!

we are excited to start this thread and start sharing with you some details on this project.

The Heretic 1 is a blank sheet of paper. At Noob Technology we started with the core question: how do we do this right and bring new experiences and values in the Audiophile area. We will spare you heated discussions and setbacks.......

So without further ado:

A fully automatic, active tangential tone arm.
The Tone Arm is 57 mm (2,2") long, and controlled by the most advanced sensor array in the TT/TA business.
The Tone Arm is held in a 55 cm (22") wide bridge, that moves back from the Platter, to allow record changes- handy!

It's back: Record Eccentricity Correction. -last practised by Nakamichi in the 80's- We feel that building a TT/TA combo to the highest technical standard and then slap a record on with an eccentricity of 0,2 mm (or worse) makes little sense. A copy of the original Nakamichi Dragon CT brochure is available on our website-

The Platter is 10 kgs (22lbs) heavy, and is made from Record Quality Virgin Vinyl- in this way there are no acoustic reflections from the platter. The Platter is actually in 2 pieces, to accommodate the Record Eccentricity Correction function.

The Platter main bearing is completely outside of the Platter mass, increasing distance to the cartridge, and not connected to the record spindle!
The Platter drive is by stepper motors, 4 of them, as a Decoupled Direct Drive, combining the benefits of belt and direct drive TT's.
The super quiet motors run at platter speed, without any slippage via steel reinforced, toothed belts.

The Heretic 1 comes standard with a centre reflex clamp and stabilization ring- Heretic style!

The TT/TA has 3 fully independent plinths
Plinth material: pressed Bamboo
Weight: 50+kgs (110 lbs)
Dimensions 60x60x35 cm (24x24x14")

So, as you can see many unusual approaches to old problems. Making it all sing together is the main task.......

We are working hard to get everything ready for the December 1st launch date.
Visit our website: for updates and newsletter link- apologies for the bare bones site- the focus is on the launch!



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It looks great!

I would like to try this one. How can I do that? And also please tell me the price for it. Thank you so much!

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