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Heres the problem. Rock has lost its swing..

Re: My current love and successive pimping campaign for the band Glossary

Look, here's the deal, as in, here's why I love it when people hear those
two songs and say "oh, Thin Lizzy!" and also am bummed out by it.

I love it because I love Thin Lizzy and any comparison, however slight or
even backhanded, is welcomed.

I hate it because it means that, as we feared, swing is gone from Rock &

Ever since we recorded 'Almsgiver' for *The Better Angels Of Our
Nature*we've wanted to do more with swing. In our own post-punk, indie
rock early
influences - there is no swing. It just isn't there. Even now, I challenge
you to find Pitchfork bands, Coachella performers, rock radio singles that
swing. I'm not tooting our own horn, I'm just saying it's kinda crummy that
there's no swing in modern rock & roll.

Now, I'm not saying that Thin Lizzy isn't an influence, but when you rock
AND swing - people are gonna say "Thin Lizzy" because it's pretty much the
only thing people recognize that swings AND ****ing rocks. So in that
respect it bums me out because it means there's just not that much swing out

Aghh I should just go to bed.

and check out this brilliant bit of Python Code..

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