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Help restoring my Rega Planar 2

I have cleaned up my circa 1978 Planar 2, cleaned the stylus, and it still sounds pretty good after all these years. But there are two problems:

Oil, or something, seems to be leaking from the base of the tonearm. I tightened the nut that holds the tonearm in place (which was loose), but I'm not sure what exactly is leaking, or how to fix it. Maybe it's the lifter?

I opened the cover over the motor, and I see that the motor is suspended by a rubber belt. The belt is obviously going bad, so the motor rides low, making it difficult for the belt that turns the platter to function (it won't stay attached for 45 rpm). Is it difficult to replace the belt that suspends the motor? LP Gear sells a "motor mount belt" for Regas - it that what I need? Is it hard to mount properly?

I don't want to spring for a new cartridge until I am sure I can resolve these issues.. any help is appreciated!

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Re: Help restoring my Rega Planar 2

You're probably right about the source of the leak. The grease in the tonearm bearings is too thick to run out. You can replace the cueing device grease yourself but it is really a job a professional should do just to keep things clean and tidy. Or you can do without the grease and just manually lower the arm into place.

A new suspension belt is fairly easy to replace. Or you can upgrade the Rega and look at a DC motor replacement. The belt is a lot cheaper than a new motor.

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