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Help for my Maggies

I would like some suggestions to upgrade my power amp for a pair of Magnepan 1.5's. There are a couple of dealers in town, one with Rotel and McIntosh (more than I want to spend) and the other representing several small companies. I'm looking at the Jasmine "Piano" which is a tube amp. He also has Qinpu, Vincent, Arcam and Quad. I'm looking to spend $2K or under, but for those of you who know Maggies, they need lots of power. Suggestions?

Jan Vigne
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Re: Help for my Maggies

Pre owned McIntosh.

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Re: Help for my Maggies

VanAlstine...capable of lotsa current, power, mortal prices Also hand made in MN. Made to order, have been for almost 40 years

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Re: Help for my Maggies

I'd go with what Peter Gunn said over at the Planar Asylum.

Let us know what you end up with!

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