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[HELP] Gaming Headset w. Great Quality Sound/Bass for Music

Alright, so.. I just nearly flipped off the roof of my house.

Not because, as you might think I got a pair of incredible speakers, but because of absolute, classic hardware rage. Yep.

You see, I was dumb. I bought the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition. And apart from the setup being a complete mess with myriads of ridiculous synapse, chat, game etc. options to pick from - took me nearly an hour to even get sound to come out of them... : - ) ... apart from this, the music was awful. :) Like, real bad. :D

I'm used to great sound. I love bass heavy music. Try out 'Soman - Blue Flame' on Spotify as an ex. This sounded absurd.
I wasn't using the chat setting, the sound quality of Razer is apparently just.. not. I've in the past had a pair of Creative Tactical Rage Soundblasters (the blue/black ones) - cheap and flimsy, but with immensely better sound. I own a pair of Kreafunk AHead wireless headphones that have amaaaazing sound, that I love so very very much and wan't to be buried with. Sortof.

So - my plea to you expertz out there is, WHAT DO I BUY!?

I game. I don't care too much about the gaming sound. It's just game sound. I listen to music, while gaming, and that music is bass heavy. Industrial, Aggrotech, EBM and FuturePop. Bass needs to be smooth, round, deliciously soft. It shouldn't be scratching your brain with weird rattling, itchy crackles. It just needs, to be... beautiful.

Sound/Music quality is paramount. Needs to have a proper microphone if I want to chat with friends. Earmuffstuff needs to be soft ofc.
Budget is 95 Euro/105 USD

Help me. Please!

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HiFi Man.

Check out the HiFi Man Ananda BT. Bluetooth with removable boom mic.

Oh, $105?? you're screwed.

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