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help find amp to connect Bose 10.2 floorstanders to PC

Hello --

I've been gifted with two 3' high Bose 10.2 floorstanders, and I would like to hook them up to my PC's sound card.

I've learned that this is possible by acquiring an amplifier which has PC-like inputs. I have no idea how to go about buying this amplifier.

Here's what I know:
The Bose 10.2 floorstanders have an impedance of 4 ohms. Means nothing to me though.
Wattage is not listed on the metal stamp of the 10.2 speakers.

Now, my dream would be to be able to integrate these 10.2 speakers into my existing 5.1 sound PC desktop speakers. In other words, I am wondering if such an amplifier exists such that of my 5.1 sound ...
(a) FL/FR/Center could be routed to my existing PC desktop speakers.
(b) RL/RR could be routed to the Bose 10.2 speakers.

This implies that the amplifier would have both PC-like outputs and also old stereo wire outputs.

Does such an amplifier exist? Can you make suggestions to make/model? How does impedance affect what I purchase?

Thanks very much for any help!!

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Re: help find amp to connect Bose 10.2 floorstanders to PC


Pretty much any amp can be hooked up to a pc, using the output jack of the sound card to a rca input of the amp. The quality of this sound, as well as background noise, will vary greatly depending on your computer and it's card. Some amps/receivers(Outlaw RR2150 for one) today have a USB input, so you can bypass the sound card and hook it up that way. You will have no background noises this way. One note though, you can hook it up via usb OR sound card, one or the other, not both at the same time.

But, since you're looking for a 5.1 setup, forget the RR2150, you'll have to get a home theater type receiver or amp.....there's many different models in all price ranges. Any decent amp can handle 4 ohms speakers.

Good luck !

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