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Help Choosing an SUT for a Ypsilon VPS-100


I recently purchased a Ypsilon VPS-100 and I've narrowed down the SUT's I am looking to purchase and need some help to decide. These will be stepping up a Sound-Smith Hyperion MKII cartridge that needs a load of 470 or higher with an output of .4mv

Option 1: The most flexible: Zesto Allasso - I'm looking at this it would allow me to dial-in my Hyperion, which really sounds better at higher loads than 470, with this I could do a step up of 1:8 @ 690 or 1:6 @ 840

Option 2: Ypsilon MC10 - Keeps me in the similar price range of the Allasso, but will it sound better with my Hyperion at 47ohm internal / .4mv output?

Option 3: Ypsilon MC10L - Double the cost, is it worth the upgrade cost from the MC10? Can anyone articulate the sonic differences between the regular and large transformers?

Thanks in advance for your advice on which of these three would be best or if there is a different / better option to use for my Hyperion MKII and the Ypsilon VPS-100.


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