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I've apparently relied to heavily on the protection circuit and blown a bass unit in my B&W's.

They are Matrix 3 Series 2 as pictured in my Gallery photo.  This is a semi music emergency as I've sold off my other speakers.  I don't know how this has happened as I don't listen to bass heavy music and my amps are a 40 WPC tube amp and a 110 WPC Hafler.  But there is a definate buzz that wasn't fixed by swapping tubes or swapping cables to make sure it wasn't down stream.

The driver from B&W service is 276.00.  I'm hoping for a less expensive solution!  Can the driver be repaired.  Doesn't anyone have experience disassembling the speaker to access it?  

This is my first pair of B&W's I've ever owned and one of the reasons I purchased them is because of thier reputation for reliability.  They have a protection circuit built in for gosh sakes!  I've never blown a pair of speakers in my life!  


I don't post my email normally but this is an emergency  so...

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