Helado Negro: Canta Lechuza

My review of Helado Negro’s Canta Lechuza will appear in our June issue, and the album hits stores on May 10th, but you can listen to the hazy, languorous tunes right now on NPR’s First Listen. Helado Negro (Roberto Carlos Lange, son of Ecuadorian immigrants) is interested in sound, texture, color, rhythm, and you can hear all of that stuff swirling around and bubbling about in Canta Lechuza.

It’s great fun to listen to on the hi-fi, even better through a good set of headphones, and perfect for the warmer weather. Hello, spring.

Helado Negro performed recently at Union Pool in Brooklyn (Why the hell wasn’t I there?) and here’s a bit of video footage from that performance, edited and animated suitably, by William “Zoe” Fitzgerald. The song is “Globitos,” the first track off of Canta Lechuza.

The record release party for Helado Negro’s Canta Lechuza will be held at Glasslands Gallery, also in Brooklyn, on May 10th. (Maybe I’ll be there!) Performing with Lange will be the innovative vocalist, Julianna Barwick, whose latest release, The Magic Place, is otherworldly and intoxicating. (This will give me an opportunity to find out if it really was Barwick I thought I spotted recently at Hecho en Dumbo and then again at Great Jones Café. Her music’s been turning up in my dreams, too.)

Good times.

Albums by both Helado Negro and Julianna Barwick are available from Asthmatic Kitty Records.

Drtrey3's picture

but I hear a little of the Ballad of the Green Berets in the first tune. The music is a little too much click whir for me, but I do dig the spaciousness.



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I hear a little Louis, a little Dino and a lot of Lee Scrtach. Smoky and surreal man.