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Headphones Vs Loudspeakers to monitor a recording session


It is obvious that reference loudspeakers in a proper acoustic is by far the best way to monitor a session. But I know that persons like John Atkinson use headphones to monitor the microphone position. But how is it possible to be sure of the best microphone position using headphones? How one can know that the sound will be compatible with a large number of different loudspeakers?

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Re: Headphones Vs Loudspeakers to monitor a recording session

As far as recording sessions go... is it the sound engineers duty to be sure it is compatible to specific loudspeakers or the sound is faithful to the actual performance?

I find the best headphones to offer more resolution than even some of the finest mega-dollar loudspeakers and monitors. And you remove the variable of having to achieve an "ideal acoustic". After all, what is the proper acoustic? Something that is dead to one person might be too live and reverberant to another.

Just food for thought...

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