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Headphones for college...

I'm sure this question has been asked a hundred times already but I'm sure many don't remind responding once again.

This fall I will be heading off to Texas A&M as a member of the Corps. As such, I will have limited space and limited privacy. With that said it seems to me there could be no more useful graduation gift than a nice set of headphones.
I'm rather new to the industry and really have not a clue as to where to begin looking in choosing a product so what better place to start than here.

My criterion are as follows:
-Circumaural or Supra-aural
-operates without need of headphone amplifier and with various portable audio devices.
-handle a wide range of music (anything from Contre Qui, Rose by Morten Lauridsen to Ladies and Gentlemen We're Floating by Spiritualized to Psycho by System of a Down)
-reasonably durable
-fall within the price range of $0-$250

Any capabilities in simulating surround sound are a plus as long as its done well and without compromise to the stereo quality.

I will likely have my Creative Audio Sound Blaster X-Fi audio card including the front panel i/o interface as a means for driving the headphones while in my dorm room/closet.

Thanks a bunch for any and all input/suggestions.


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Re: Headphones for college...

Did you look at what is available at HeadRoom? They review all of the cans right there online. It is a good place to start in any case, they give you a little review and a frequency response chart.


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Re: Headphones for college...

You might look at Sennheiser HD280 pro. Within your price range, closed -very good seal, very durable, comfortable, 64 ohm - no problem driving them without a headphone amp. Reproduction not the equivalent of 580's, 600's,650's, but more than adequate. Can't think of anything better suited to your needs.

Good Luck,

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Re: Headphones for college...

Another contender would be the Sony V6 or 7506. Good seal, decent sound for about $70. If you need more portability, the Sennheiser HD 25-1 is pretty good for about $150-$200. Don't confuse these with the HD 25SP, which are not up to par.

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Re: Headphones for college...

i realize these aren't "seal-type" headphones, but grado's iphones for around $50 are stupid good and for college or dorm use can take abuse and if they are destroyed, get another pair! you are still under your $250 tops price range.

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Re: Headphones for college...

I was looking around for some nice head phones for my son and found a nice pair at Sound on USA

he has found it a great advantage to have a wireless pair at school.

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Re: Headphones for college...

Don't know if this fits your criteria but the YuinPK2 is an earbud that rivals some 200.00 headphones. I got it for my son's Ipod and was astonished at how good it sounded.
So I bought the YuinPK1's for myself , but they are best with a portable amp.

PK2 is 69.00
PK1 139.00

Both are so much better than anything else i"ve heard in that price range that it really is surprising

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Re: Headphones for college...

Forget the sealed cans. While your'e trancing on X your roomies will be stealing your beer and weed. Go with the Grados. The 225's will keep you under budget and are highly recommended by the same people who buy $3000 speaker cables.

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