Headphone Cable from Wireworld

Larry Smith (left) and David Salz (right) of Wireworld have every reason to smile. Not only have they entered the headphone cable market with four levels of Nano cables for headphones and portables, and stand prepared to market a Starlight CAT7a media network cable ($TBD) that claims higher transmission speeds for streamed music and video, but they've also come out on top in a recently published cable listening comparison test.

Wireworld's Nano cables for headphones and portables include carbon fiber plugs, DNA Helix conductor geometry, and Ohno Continuous Cast solid silver conductors. Cable levels range from Pulse ($40/1.5m) up to Nano-Platinum Eclipse ($500/1.5m).

In October, 2014, Stereoplay magazine of Germany's listening panel compared 14 cable brands in three different stereo systems and posted sound clips of the of the hi-res files played through those brands during the test on their website. It is essential to note that a number of well-regarded brands, including Nordost, Transparent, and Siltech, were not included in the test, while at least four brands I've never heard of in the US were.

Besides the standard in-the-box cable, the 13 after-market brands ranged in price from 330 Euro to 580 Euro. Wireworld Eclipse 7 (450 Euro) scored highest, with Kimber Kable Timbre (400 Euro) and Mogami Excellence (330 Euro) next in line. The magazine's conclusion: "A middling CD player with a good cable can outperform a top player with only a modest cable." I haven't read the article, but I'll assume that "modest" in this case refers to the "in-the-box" standard grade cables considered sufficient by most consumers and many of the cable bashers who are prone to post comments to this site.