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Headliners Whose Bands Disappoint

There are some performers who are clearly great yet whose records, and often live performances, are often disappointing because their back-up bands are not at the same artistic level.

Here's a list of 10 artists whom I love, but have to admit, often disappoint:

Sonny Rollins-Jumped the shark when the electric bass came in.

B.B. King-World's greatest bluesman. Not the world's greatest band.

Johnny Winter-Perfunctory bass/drum background with his early trio. Things improve when Rick Derringer joins the band.

Paul McCartney-All post-Beatles albums with few exceptions (although I can't think of one).

Miles Davis-The comeback years had their moments but when Schofield gives way to Foley...

Jeff Beck-I love "Truth." Like "Beck-ola" but the "rock" efforts after that are poor. BBA anyone?

Michael Bloomfield/Paul Butterfield-Is there anything more dire than their post-Butterfield Band solo albums?

Wayne Shorter-Admit it. He was even under-used in Weather Report. Current bands/albums are a little better. And this is a GREAT musician.

Danny Gatton-Coulda been a contender but the albums don't rise above bar band staples. Sadly missed.

Junior Brown-Have you ever heard him live?

Sorry about mixing the jazz names into the rock thread.

If you think I'm wrong tell me. Or add your names.

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Re: Headliners Whose Bands Disappoint

I'm not a fan, but Billy Corgan and Smashing Pumpkins came to mind when I first read your post.

A good joke answer would be Chuck Berry's back up band at his live shows.

I've never been impressed by Peter Gabriel's live bands.

Erasure's live band is very limited, as well.

I'll try to think of others...

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Re: Headliners Whose Bands Disappoint

Hang on Sloopy joining J Winter an improvement? Not sure about that one...needs more research for me...

Jimmy Page after Zep...

Clapton after Cream, maybe...but definitely Ginger Baker...

Chick Corea after Miles Davis...mmmmmmm...maybe not...

Nice topic!!!

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