Head-Direct HiFiMan HM-602 Digital Audio Player Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Portable music player with headphone and line outputs, USB audio and data inputs, and 16GB of memory. Compatible file formats: MP3, WAV, OGG, and 24-bit/96kHz FLAC.
Dimensions: 4" L by 2.5" W by 1" D. Weight: 7oz.
Price: $439.
Manufacturer: Head-Direct. Tel: (347) 475-7673. Fax: (718) 766-0560. Web: www.head-direct.com.

(347) 475-7673

xanthia01's picture

As per the 801 - what on earth is the point of a supposed audiophile device (at an audiophile price) with a measly 16GB storage? It is like they have set Apple as the benchmark, then gone below it rather than exceeded it.

There are 1TB hard drives available these days for the cost of duk5hit. How many 24/96 audiophile FLAC files will this dinky thing store?

There is no point.

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you were probably referring to HM-602, not HM-801. Only HM-602 has 16GB storage . I believe that this is very nice gesture from the manufacturer. You have nice amount of space even without SD cards. Actually what matters here is possibility of having bunch of SD cards. More music you want to carry, more cards you'll buy.

Don't forget that it's not HDD what's inside. It's kind of solid state memory (I don't know specifics). Provided you'll like to have say 128 GB memory, this would add cost to what should be an affordable audiophile player. Having HDD inside wouldn't help much, since it's bulky (even small ones), eats power and are prone to failure.

Yes, it's true that you cannot carry dozens of 24/96 albums in internal memory. Still, you can keep there quite a lot CDs. Even I'm into hi-rez music (I admit that), properly recorded CD sounds nice. Especially, if you're on the move and some external sound leaking in is part of the picture..... I mean part of the sound ;-)

I say, it's nice product and by offering SD card functionality, it allows to build up you music collection to the extent you'd like.

My 2 cents.


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Don't trust built-in SS storage .... in the horribly unreliable Teclast T51 (aka Nationite  S:Flo2) DAPs -- I had a few units die on me -- you'll lose contents from built-in SS storage if the device crashes. Also, with many of these new "audiophile"/higher-performance Chinese DAPs (aka PMP, portable music players), connections to them is horribly slow. Best to use (i.e. work from) the ((micro-)SD HC) memory card. Use DAPs internal memory for stuff you don't care if you loose (or know you have a full backup of elsewhere). Been there, done that, lost stuff. Fool me thrice, double shame on me!

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Yes backup, always, all data!!

Oh, gotta go, just remembered I need to backup some files...