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H.E. 2006, Tally Ho!


Anybody gonna be headed to H.E. 2006?

Just got fiscal clearance.

Going with my neighbor and partner in hi fi crimes, Big Mike. Bringing lotsa vino...better to drink what I've already got than violate my quadruple secret fiscal probation by spending on fresh stuff.

Might even go apeshit and bring a mini-system for after hours partying. Is that allowed?

Got a vintage Superphon Revelation II preamp with an adequate phono stage.

Maybe an old Mac's got some "oxidation" issues with the knobs, but ya never know.

We could maybe have a vinyl party. The normal, nerdy kind, not the new fangled kinky kind.

Some monitor speakers, maybe a novelty turntable...gonna be playing with my ages old B.I.C. 1000 next month.

Maybe a Pickering cartridge or even a Stanton! Shure!

I'm low on power amps, though.

Without disabling the home systems, I'd be limited to a broke down pair of ca 1979 Phase Linear amps, a 1973 quad Pioneer amp (35 honkin' wpc), or (gasp!) a couple really bad sounding Carver M-400's from around, what, 1983? (You critics can chill, they were gifts.)

Any of them would be a pitiful result.

That will be something I need to work on.

Anywho, looking for late night B.S. sessions, camaraderie, hi fi hijinx, and philosophizing in various states of sobriety.

Can we be loud and late in this hotel?

Is it too soon to start the party talk?

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