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HE 2006 Show Reports: Super Job

Just wanted to send a big thank you to Wes Phillips, Stephen Mejias, Jon Iverson, Jason Victor Serinus, John Atkinson, and Robert Deutsch, all of whom did a tremedous job with their blow by blow online HE 2006 Show Reports.

For those of us who were not fortunate enough to attend this year's West Coast event (I, for one, hope to be at next year's East Coast event) the reports and photos really gave us a nice feel for what was going on. Very good job and excellent use of the available resourses of the web site. Next year maybe there will even be video and audio uploads along with the photos. I'd love to have heard what Buddha had to say about some of the show demos after his fourth or fifth glass of wine, Clifton's response and then seen the look on Stephen Mejias' face.

All kidding aside, thanks for the great work.

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Re: HE 2006 Show Reports: Super Job

Amen. I met Stephen in the Joseph Audio room and passed him through the hotel bar, balancing two glasses of something clear that wasn't water. Talk about your two-fisted drinkers! His hair didn't look as bad as mine. I was disappointed. It was fun meeting Wes and J-10 while downing a few with Buddha and Mike, the qualifying heat for the main event in a room full of wine-case boxes. Cheers and best wishes, Clifton

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