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I tried this site out based on (I think) an article on the Stereophile site, and I have to say it's very well done! Not as slick as iTunes, but also easier to see what you're looking for and best of all: DRM free, high-quality uncompressed music!

It's easy to get set up and they even include liner notes etc. Compatible with iTunes and many other music software. I bought a Mozart string quartet and the recording quality is excellent both off my laptop to an external DAC, and as a burned CD on Rega CDP (my music server is not currently attached to my dedicated listening setup- more for background). I've been looking for a way to dive back into some good classical recordings and I think this site will do the trick.

Oh, and it was only $11.98! I don't think you can beat that! They also have a wide range of other genres which I plan on digging into soon.

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