Have you tried controlling vibration in your system?

Have you tried controlling vibration in your system?
Yes! A huge improvement!
21% (46 votes)
Yes. A notable improvement.
38% (85 votes)
Yes. A marginal improvement.
21% (47 votes)
Yes. No improvement.
5% (10 votes)
Yes. A big disappointment.
1% (3 votes)
Yes. Made it sound worse.
0% (1 vote)
No. Vibration control is voodoo.
5% (11 votes)
No. I don't care.
8% (18 votes)
Total votes: 221

Many audiophiles have substantially improved the sound of their systems by experimenting with vibration control. How about you?

C.  M.  Ramsdell's picture

I am luke warm with these devices. I do use them a lot but I dont think I get a significant "bang for the buck."

D.R.  Najuch's picture

I am using carbon/graphite cones under the Audible Illusions and CD transport, the largest gain being under the preamp.

dcline's picture

I am more than happy after using a signal generator to sweep through the audio range and remove offending objects or do whatever to keep them from emitting audible buzzes etc. As for damping components I have had less audible results. I do believe that if you listen to a high quality system and add pink or white noise, or low level single frequencies through a separate source you can play with the resulting loss of definition and "space". If you consider extraneous buzzes etc in the same context, then vibration damping makes a lot of sense and quite often real audible differences. I used to be far more crazy than I am now, a Volvo 245 wagon received an early treatment of lead sheeting from me as an attempt to lower the noise floor and increase the detail, I am sure it made a difference based on the amount of effort it took to strip the intereor of the vehicle and put in all the lead. I sincerely hope that the eventual owner will never suffer from lead poisining! Now about using mercury,,,hopefully you know where the saying, "Mad as a Hatter" comes from.

Adrian Lungu's picture

I'm lucky to work for a company that makes the best shock-absorber material (used in indoor athletic arenas). Therefore, I have used the material under my tube integrated amp. (Conrad-Johnson), CD player (Parasound CDP-2000), DAC (Camelot Arthur), and turntable (Rega Planet 2). The biggest improvement I heard from the turntable and CD player. No improvement from the amplifier or DAC.

Richard Erkoboni's picture

The only vibration control that made any outstanding improvement was with my SOTA turntable. Any other isolation or vibration device that I tried only made improvements that I so badly wanted to hear. I feel that there are so many other more cost-effective ways to spend one's money!

Sanjiv Chona's picture

Vibration control and Isolation is THE answer and solution to most problems.

Anonymous's picture

I have tried several products and the results vary, from marginal to huge. The biggest improvements are under turntables

Hans Svensson's picture

Most notable result on tube amp (Jadis).

Paul Butterfield's picture

Treating your room to control vibration (absorption & reflection) will improve the sound of all systems. Think of your room like the inside of a speaker---all those myriad reflections need to be controlled in order to have clean reproduction of sound.


like most of the tweeks you report on in your magazine . If your gear is top notch this tweeking game is bull- shit!!!!!!! AND A GREAT DISERVICE TO YOUR READERS.

Chuck Edmonds's picture

I have had good results combining Bright Star's Air Mass with TipToes. This combo has worked well with both My Pre-amp and CD (both Sonic Frontiers).

Gary Pride's picture

The Emperor's new clothes. as it applies to audio reproduction.

Glen A.  Tortorella's picture

Things sound neater, more focused, and there is less background grit.

Anonymous's picture

microdyamics + blacker backgrounds + transparency + cost - black diamond racing the source with cones for each component. yikes!

Rob Cornelson's picture

I use a $6 hemmoroid cushion under a piece of particle board under my NAD 502. Everyone says it's ugly but when I take it out, the bass slam is gone with it along with some clarity. Of course looks aren't everything!

Bob Mahony's picture

With Vibraplane

Doug Santos's picture

Actually I would like the choice, No - Haven't gotten around to it yet or No - don't have a major vibration problem.

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