Have you studied music? Do you play music yourself?

Have you studied music? Do you play music yourself?
Yes, I have studied music
14% (27 votes)
Yes, have studied music and play an instrument or two
46% (88 votes)
I just play an instrument
19% (36 votes)
I just listen
22% (42 votes)
Total votes: 193

Lots of great poll questions have been submitted and we'll start working through them. Here's the first one: Have you studied music? Do you play music yourself?

Don in Amarillo's picture

Yes I studied music as a youngster, but why bother to ask? I learned many years ago that consumer audio has nothing whatsoever to do with music. In the immortal words of my former employer, "If there's one thing I can't stand it's these loser musicians who never made it, who think it's their job to save the world from bad sound."

John Carlson's picture

I checked "I just listen." Growing up, we had "music class" in elementary school. I was also in the choir and band for a while. But these didn't really teach much about music; they were more "fun school activities" than anything. I've probably learned more off liner notes than I did in school! Sometimes, I've considered learning an instrument. It seems like it would be invaluable and teach more than listening or reading could. But it's hard finding time, and I have limited patience for the process of learning a new skill, particularly one that could take years before one could be a passably decent amateur.

Robin's picture

Started out on piano, then played drum kit and bassoon in high school, then become besotted with Moog & Arp synths (influence of Wendy Carlos, Joe Zawinul and Keith Emerson), then played keys in a some late '70s Toronto punkish art school bands, then some fairly mediocre but nonetheless fun piano with a jazz quartet, then recorder and early music (after a mid 40s complete about-face on synths), and now I have a piano, a harpsichord, and have starting drumming with a Samba group. I'm not a seriously skilled musician, but I love making music, love listening to music.

Don Bilger's picture

I've played trombone for 41 years and have doubled on euphonium for nearly as long. Although my day job is in engineering, I still find time to play my trombone in a very good regional orchestra and my euphonium in a community band.

Jim M's picture

Maybe I like and appreciate music so much is because I have zero ability to read or play music.