Have you spent any money on your turntable rig (not including records) in the last 12 months?

Who would have guessed? As the CD falls, vinyl rises again. Online readers have probably noticed Stephen Mejias diving deep into the black art this year. What about you? Have you spent any money on your turntable rig (not including records) in the last 12 months?

Have you spent any money on your turntable rig (not including records) in the last 12 months?
Yes, quite a bit
23% (72 votes)
Yes, a decent amount
25% (76 votes)
Yes, but just a little
18% (55 votes)
No, I've already got just what I need
18% (54 votes)
No, I don't do vinyl.
17% (51 votes)
Total votes: 308

Thom's picture

Installed Keel on LP12; new cartridge.

Jared Gerlach's picture

Vinyl? What's that? It's okay, Stephen, just kiddin' wicha'.

Neil's picture

I bought a used pioneer table from the '70s for about $50. I'm going to change the cartridge on it and buy a new phono stage. In total, it shouldn't be more than $200

ChrisS's picture

A new cartridge for the LP12!

Jotam's picture

New Corian isolation platform footed with Audioquest sorbothane for my Luxman PD.

Peder Beckman's picture

A new cartridge and a new phono section.

Vladimir Sheftelyevich's picture

Bought a new mid-price cartridge.

Jason's picture

Ortofon OM-20 Super. I want a Nagaoka MP-30, but the price!

Chris Wall's picture

Replaced my 1981-vintage Shure M97-HE cartridge with, what else? A Shure M97-XE. Cost was $60 at Amazon.com.

Mark L.'s picture

For my Linn LP12, I bought a BAT VKP5 phono stage (with upgraded NOS tubes) and fitted it with a new Benz Woodbody S. I also installed an upgraded sound card for my PC to record all that analog yumminess digitally. Call me a lemming.

Scott Higgins's picture

Just a wall mount & an inexpensive phono preamp.

Eric's picture

Purchased a Shelter 501 cartridge and the Shelter 411T SUT for my Scout, quite an upgrade from the Van den Hul MM1 I'd been using.

djl's picture

I replaced all the electrolytic capacitors in my Sony PS-4300. It took more time than money but it's more stable and steady in speed than ever before! I did the work myself so it saved me a bundle! Yeah, there's capacitors in automatic turntables—lots more than you would think! Of course none of them pass audio, that's where your preamp does its job! Mine were looking pretty ancient and in need of some new ones. 30-year-old caps are always in need of replacing! Worth every cent in my book! Analog forever!

Louis P.'s picture

About two years ago, I Lingo'ed my Linn after blowing out the Valhalla board, and added an EAR 834P phono preamp when the phono stage in my Modulus III preams developed a problem that will never be fixed (i.e repair will cost more than the preamp is worth). After spending almost $4000, including tax and labor, on a turntable that originally cost me $895, I am done for the time being.

Woody Battle's picture

I retired my last turntable more than 20 years ago.

Rich Potemra's picture

Traded in my 9-year-old Rega Planer 25 on a VPI Scoutmaster Signature—to my ears, this is a significant improvement from my previous rig.

Ty Sproul's picture

I'm convinced! I bought a "table and a new preamp this year and oh what glorious sounds! I don"t know why I didn't come back to analog sooner! I still listen to CD and SACD but vinyl still rules!

Dave_c's picture

I purchased a new Grado cartridge.

Lionel's picture

New preamp with phono stage, and a mono stylus for my primary cartridge.

Jim M's picture

I am spending all my money on my Edison Cylinders. If I want to hear crappy sound, I am skipping vinyl nostalgia and going for the real snaps and pops.

Mike Agee's picture

I built three lead-filled footers/piers for my Gyrodec, which has tightened/quieted the sound and has accidently given it the multi-cylindrical look of some mass loaded designs. The lead was by far the costliest part of the project, being a controlled and reviled substance these days.

S.  Chapman's picture

Not much this year, just a new Basis "Superbelt" for my 8-year-old Basis 2001 turntable. I'm thinking about replacing my Lyra Helikon cartridge with a newer model, but we'll see.

Cramer's picture

New VPI Scoutmaster!

mook's picture

Though some rehab of the old AR XA closet queen might be of interest. Currently using a belt-drive Dual which works better than the AR but for how long?

gondo's picture

Bought phono cable, new phono amp, and cartridge.

raykay's picture

Tweaks and upgrades for my Garrard 401, as well as some DIY interconnects.

Nik from Chicago's picture

Yes, I am just now getting into vinyl and need to spruce up an old friend's table. I just want the thing to work

OvenMaster's picture

Less than $2 for three capacitors.

ras dennis's picture

A Shure VM5MR stylus.

Soren's picture

I found a new in the box Marantz T-1000 MkII that I simply had to have. Now im hunting for a suitable arm, cartridge, and phonoamp, and some LPs. I haven't had vinyl the past 15 or so years. This is fun!