Have you spent any money on vinyl LPs in the last 12 months? What did you buy?

Clearly many of you are spending bucks on your turntables these days. How about vinyl records to feed them? Have you spent any money on vinyl LPs in the last 12 months? What did you buy?

Have you spent any money on vinyl LPs in the last 12 months? What did you buy?
Yes, quite a bit
36% (76 votes)
Yes, a decent amount
24% (51 votes)
Yes, but just a little
16% (33 votes)
No, I've already got just what I need
7% (14 votes)
No, I don't do vinyl
18% (37 votes)
Total votes: 211

Alan Eden's picture

Hi. I'm buying vinyl at a fast pace. I can't enough of it! I'm rediscovering a whole love of music. The emotive nature of vinyl playback just blows away any digital format.

dsmith's picture

Not looking for an expensive, fiddly hobby.

Laura in Spokane's picture

It's almost all I buy. The only time I buy a CD is if I find a new album I like and it is not available on vinyl. A cool thing is that many labels are either including a CD with the record or a code to download an MP3 which can be converted to a lossless format in iTunes so you get the best of both worlds—the superior musicality, depth, detail, richness, and dynamic range of vinyl and a digital format for the car or on the go. What did I buy? Complete Clapton, My Morning Jacket, Built to Spill, Death Cab for Cutie, Sloan, Fleet Foxes Traveling Wilburies Collection, re-mastered Joshua Tree, War & October, The National, Doors Box Set,; Mudcrutch, Steve Winwood's Nine Lives Chrome Dreams II, and many more too numerous to list, plus a few used LPs.

Mike Colvin's picture

I bought a Music Matters subscription.

Chris's picture

I've spent over $1k so far this year at the local record shop.

Jens, Denmark's picture

Although I've bought some LPs, I think I may switch to digital only now.

M3Man's picture

I just spent $140 today on clean used vinyl from a dealer in Denton, Texas who takes the time to only buy top-quality records and sell most of the for $5. I got a coiple of promo copies and a 45rpm direct-to-disc—nothing over $10. The dealer closer to me in Arlington would get $15 or more for all of these—which is why I don't buy more.

WalkerTM's picture

With the uncertainties of high-definition digital and its mishandling by the recording industry, vinyl is the only safe high-rez investment.

ELS's picture

I have spent more than $1000 in the last three months and maybe more than $2500 in the last 12. Is it quite a bit?

Daniel's picture

Unfortunately, my job has moved, and I am no longer working a short walk away from a great second-hand vinyl shop. Accordingly, my LP purchasing has dropped by a huge amount. Otherwise, I'd still be happily bankrupting myself as before!

Douglas Bowker's picture

In the last six months I've spent way more than I should have due to some treasure troves of used LPs. That and so many new records being released I just "couldn't" pass up. I have plenty already, most aquired back in my college days in the late 1980s and after, but unlike some, I always find something new to get excited about, or something old to try out too!

b.  minter's picture

Almost 100% of my music purchases are vinyl.

sal's picture

45rpm LPs: Soultrane and Meeting by the River. Fantastic sound quality!

tom's picture

I've had lots of finds in used record stores and Good Will and a nice gimmee box.

Jim Dandy's picture

New LPs are generally geared for the younger set and I pretty much have all of the older music I like. Besides, new LP pricing is waaaay too high, making the LP non-competative.

Travis Klersy's picture

Nearly every software purchase I make is vinyl. I bought maybe five CDs last year, and I don't download. I would say my total for the last year was at least $2500 on records. That is a little higher than average, but I'd estimate I've averaged at least $100 a month on vinyl every month for the last six years.

Jacob's picture

I mostly buy used records and such. I prefer Classic rock, 80s new wave, and techno/trance. My main music source is CD and I plan to get a few SACDs and DVD-As. If I have it on Vinyl, I will have it on CD in most cases.

Perry's picture

Lots of 180-200 gram new releases and lots of used/recycles.

Mario's picture

As much as I can get hold of. I'm sweeping old stocks and garage sales. Also buying new, but I have concerns about quality with new production (warped, pops, etc, even 180g is sometimes bad...). Classical and 70s-80s rock.

Zoykey's picture

I got some really good blues, and eight albums, like new, of Linda Ronstadt.

Lawrie Allen's picture

Mostly s/h classical e.g. Lyrita label British music recorded 30 to 40 years ago.

Lonesome George's picture

I gave up on the hiss, clicks, and pops when CD came around. This year I retired my old Phillips TT and tried a Rega P3 24. I was stunned that the new equipment produces virtually noise free realistic sound from the old LPs I have not yet thrown out, and unbelievale sound from the new audiophile pressings. Listeners are stunned when i tell them the sound they are hearing is not one of my SACDs, but a "record."

Al Marcy's picture

Only my wife listens to vinyl.

Clarke Denham's picture

Maybe 30 albums in the last six months.

Chuck Cooper's picture

Too many to list; Every time I go out of town, I hit the major places in the town I am visiting which carry vinyl. On my trip to Madison, WI, I stopped at three record stores and brought back about a dozen records, both new and used. I also purchase quite a number online from Music Direct and Acoustic Sounds.

Robbie C's picture

Everything from used $1 records to newly issued LPs. I'm hooked!

Jim M's picture

Same answer as last week! If I want tic and pops that come with vinyl, I will go way back and get wax cylindars for my Edison player.

Phil K's picture

My recent return to vinyl has also involved extensive LP shopping, as I'd divested myself of whatever I had back in the day. I've been buying lots of secondhand classical titles, and it's especially enjoyable to find first-rate recordings that are not available on CD—at just a few bucks a throw! My jazz purchases have been limited by the big price differential between jazz and classical; probably just as well, because space is limited and a crunch is looming somewhere down the road (hmm, do I really need furniture?).

Dan's picture

I have spent around $2I 500 buying LPs this year. A "good" LP system can easily beat a CD system of the same price range. My major LP system consists of Acoustic Solid Wood Reference MPX and Shelter 901 MC cartridge. And I love it so much.

Steven Drace's picture

It's astonishing how many contemporary artists release on vinyl. Artists like Ryan Adams, Lambchop, Alejandro Escovedo. If it's available on vinyl, I buy it on vinyl. The best is when you get a code that allow you to download digital files as well. Otherwise, I have to rip the LP which is a bit tedious.