Have you purchased a CD recorder for your audio system or computer?

Have you purchased a CD recorder for your audio system or computer?
I've got a standalone audio CD recorder.
11% (32 votes)
I've got a recorder in my computer.
40% (118 votes)
I'm thinking of buying one.
23% (66 votes)
Not interested.
26% (76 votes)
Total votes: 292

We <A HREF="http://www.stereophile.com/shownews.cgi?600">reported recently</A> that audio CD recorders are becoming hot items with consumers. How about with you?

Dick Lague's picture

I love the CD burner. Great for music CDs, and great for software. My Nakamachi cassette deck is really gathering dust now!

Nick's picture

After listening to CDs made on computer recorder I was completely dissatisfied with the quality. Then I tried stand-alone unit It was better but to the certain extend. So I am still looking for the one i'll like.

Anonymous's picture

the kind of used recording software affects the sound

Douglas Jones's picture

Truly not interested . . .

deletraz@bluewin.ch's picture

I own a standalone Marantz CD630 pro for making my own selection CD, or for my friends. This machine also copies HDCD-encoded CDs without problems, and even the input ADCs are good enough to copy friends' LPs on CD. I usually make this deal: give me your LPs, I'll put them on CDs for you! For my own, I generally listen to LP most of the time, but in the car . . .

Arvind Kohli's picture

Just ordered a custom-configured PC with an HP 4x4x24 CD-RW burner. Got tired of waiting for a DVD-RW that is multiformat and back-compatible. I understand that it is worth the premium to pay for a good brand or you will end up with a lot of shiny coasters. There is no way I will ever recommend/buy a standalone audio recorder.

aaron t's picture

with my 4x8 scsi computer burner I make copies of the cd's that i use in my car. this way if they get lost, stolen, or damaged i'm only out $1.oo/cd and the cost of a 96cd folder.

Graeme Nattress's picture

It's more used for computer backups than audio work, but I do fancy having a go at making audio CDs of my own musical compositions.

Roger Hart's picture

I purchased my CD-R/W drive for data storage, but so far I've used it more for audio recording.

Bob's picture

Best purchase in long time.

Larry Solomon's picture

Yeah, got one in my computer. Still haven't used it—with a 10-disc changer in the car and a 100-disc changer at home, there is almost no need anymore for compilations like I used to make on tapes in the old days. (Got a tape deck in my car too—never used it.)

Luis's picture

I really believe that our CD COLLECTIONS will survive ib spite new formats. I'll play them using the best upsampling reasonable affording tech . When I might gat better I might switch but so far NO!!

SteveD.'s picture

Bad experiences with copies suddenly stopping working / developing skips / pops / jumps after working fine a while using Philips CD-R, replay on any (incl Philips) CD player.

Anonymous's picture

I prefer the minidisc system. To me it is CD quality with many more features.

Michael Cox's picture

I use a Mitsumi 2 CD writer and it works extremely well

Tony's picture

I mainly use the CD-R in the PC for data. I have been doing some audio restorations (of vinyl) for people who have a few LPs left and no desire to maintain a turntable. To my ears the vinyl still sounds superior but it is a lot of fuss and expense keeping a good turntable in working order

Ryan McD, 13 years old, NJ's picture

I have a Philips CDR880 (Philips' top model), and it is terrific. It does everything I could ever ask for, except it does not dub whole CDs well.

Robin Banks's picture

Not there yet. Offer something with killer sound, 24/192 or DSD decoding and recording, then you'll have one loyal customer!

Cao's picture

A MD recorder is better.

buddy bressler's picture

so far the quality is good i have some burns that seem to be at a lower volume than the original i wonder if i am getting an exact replica?

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everyone should have a CD recorder

Will E.  McBride's picture

I purchased two CD recorders, one internal and one external. The external CD recorder is not as fast and makes more errors. Also it is time consuming to set up the software, needs 40 MB of HD space. I recommend the internal CD recorder. I have not figured out how to record my albums yet.

Jeff's picture

Bought it for data storage, but I use it mostly for compilation CDs, especially for car use.

Andrew Johnson's picture

Had one for just backing up data, but for CD-Rs you can just use normal CDR discs. Don't have to buy the audio ones for a lot more $.

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Even though it's just another time-consuming gadget (to sit down,record, find the music you want, etc.), I'm going to buy one, and an upgraded sound card. And after all that, I'll still buy my CDs: faster to listen to, presumably better-quality sound. How many CDs can you get for the price of the above combination? Yes, I'gonna waste my money on something to be sitting there and accumulate dust. Maybe I should get a snake-oil product instead. At least it makes good conversation.

Bob Morton's picture

I am saving my money for a combo DVD-Audio/SACD player!!!

Gilbert's picture

Waiting for ability to use CD-R and CD-RW recorded discs on any CD player for playback, if they ever standardize this.