Have you ever purged your music collection of older formats?

When CDs took off, many music collectors started selling or giving away all of their vinyl. The same appears to be happening now with CD. Have you ever purged your music collection of older formats?
Have you ever purged your music collection of older formats?
Yes, and glad I did
24% (59 votes)
Yes, but regret it
19% (47 votes)
No and glad I didn't
57% (143 votes)
No and wish I had
1% (2 votes)
Total votes: 251

Mark Evans's picture

I got rid of all my vinyl when the CD format hit the markets. Some of these albums were Japanese audiophile pressings on virgin vinyl. I regret doing that.

James's picture

I donated my vinyl to my friend. He offered my albums a good home amongst his collection of 12,000 records.

heike's picture

I started selling my vinyls this year. Vinyls and also maintaining two high-end audio systems are too expensive for me. And not so many vinyl are, in fact, better sounding than most of the modern CD/SACD/BDs.

DAve's picture

I got rid of all that evil vinyl. No more scratches. No more balancing the arm. It only cost under $10k to get a CD player as pleasing. No, I'm very happy.

Hugo Rosa's picture

Simply because you can't get everything only on one format!

mp's picture

No. But to be honest, I have a couple of boxes full of cassettes from my college days sitting in the basement.

Dan P.'s picture

Came back from Germany armed with a large record collection. When CDs came into play, I said bye-bye to the records. :(

Kenneth Pilegaard's picture

Although I seldom use my CDs—I'm streaming my music—I still have all of them, and I don't think I will get rid of them anytime soon. Actually, I don't think I'll ever get rid of them! They're simply too precious to me.

Ivan's picture

I have purged cassettes, vinyls, and older CDs from my collection. I mostly have DVD-As, SACDs, Studio Master downloads, and remastered CDs nowadays. I still miss some of the items that I have discarded.

Dr.  Joseph Lee,Toronto,Canada's picture

Although my CD collection is still growing (17,000+), I have kept every LP (including those dbx LPs), EP, and 45, plus cassette tapes. The same applies to the movie collection: in addition to the Blu-ray discs, I have kept every DVD, laser disc, and VHS tape. And I am glad I did.

David's picture

Each format has its idiosyncrasies. Vinyl has its hissing and popping, magnetic tape can get "eaten" sometimes, CDs can skip, the sound quality of MP3s is abysmal compared to any of them, and lossless or uncompressed digital audio takes up more space than MP3s. (That, and if CDs die (and I mean die, not the near-death vinyl had), your collection will be worth way more decades from now for nostalgia and rarity.)

Robert Hamel's picture

I still have most of my vinyl and all of my father's. They are like old friends. I plan on keeping my CDs as well.

Steve B's picture

I'm glad I kept the LPs; not sure about the cassettes, because every cassette deck I've ever had has died!

David B's picture

I'm in the process of re-ripping all my CDs into lossless, replacing 256kbps MP4. Does that count?

James W.'s picture

A few years back I did a dumb thing-I kept my old collection of 8-track tapes, as they were still playable but sold off my open-reel tapes as my last machine broke and I could not locate parts for it any more. (It was an old Realistic model from 1977). Two weeks later, I'm in a thrift and what do I see? The same model tape deck I discarded previously. I bought it anyway because it was only $20 and it was like new but I managed to secure some old tapes again and I was back in business. I'm never discarding any obsolete format again. I have the room and the love of this old stuff.

Arnold's picture

I purged my collection of Red Book CD. I only have SACD now.

Oliver's picture

Gave away my vinyl and I'm glad about it. Bought most things new on CD. But I will do this again with CD.

DLKG's picture

Yes, I purged quite a few LPs when I started getting into CDs, but luckily, there were a lot of LP' that I just didn't want anymore—although there were some that I really regretted getting rid of later, when I realized how much better my LPs sounded than their CD counterparts. I have since bought the ones again on vinyl that I regretted selling. Only one eludes me still. It's the Richard Whanfried album Tonwelle. This was on the Innovative Communications label owned by Klaus Schulze. It was recorded at 45RPM, but I used to love listening to it on 33! It was a spacey album but it is really spacey on 33! As a side note, has anyone gotten the Orb with David Gilmour yet? It's called Metallic Spheres. The LP label says 33RPM but it's really 45RPM. I got through half the album thinking "OK, it's the Orb, they slow things down," etc, but then I listened at 45 to compare and it's 45. Now I know for sure it's 45 because I downloaded the free MP3.

John in Mid Missouri's picture

No...although it's getting harder to hold on to those "special mood" home-made cassettes (don't snicker, you all know what I'm talking about). The biggest problem is maintaining the equipment and trying to keep everything available. The Sony MiniDisc player that I used (which worked great for the car). Even the hundreds of VHS titles I have are still in cabinets, even though I rarely watch VHS. But just like LPs, there are things I have in those formats which will never be available on the current formats. Then again, is it worth having all that equipment in various racks throughout the house? I am finally getting around to recording our home VHS tapes on DVD.

Fred's picture

There is some music that I have on cassette tape that I just cannot find anywhere else, any how. And surprisingly, these cassettes have held up pretty well all these years. They were recorded in Dolby Stereo and play back with a minimum of high-frequency loss.

Jason's picture

No more 8-tracks!

Ken's picture

I got hooked on the ease and technology of CDs. I wish I had not gotten rid of all my LPs.

Dec's picture

All my CD cases are in a few boxes now. Most of the discs are lost forever though. I managed to accumulate a really good CD collection over the years, but I never had any respect for them, would never put them in their cases, or even on spindles. They'd just sit around getting scratched and wasted. Now I'm into vinyl. I'm not precious about it, but the records always go back in their sleeves and I have a dedicated rack for them all to live in. As well as sounding nicer, vinyl has taught me how to be a tidier person.

Scott Marsh's picture

Buying new Magneplanar 1.7 speakers to mate with older McIntosh separates that I had mothballed for HT reminded me why I love vinyl. I finally got the chance to build a listening room and rediscover two-channel. The Maggies expose every nuance of the sound. A new TT also helped greatly.

Bret's picture

Well, the obvious transition from 8-track to cassette and then eventually CDs. I lost my record collection to a greedy brother while I was on tour in the USMC—and my Garrard Zero 100, which, to my ears, sounded great.

Sean's picture

I went and bought all the used vinyl that I could, when people started getting rid of it. At the same time, I got phased-out tape recorders from our broadcasting house. CD is still good and more available than SACD where I am.

Doug Mencoff's picture

Yes, I got rid of my record collection when I moved from California to Hawaii, knowing that I would regret it, but it was too expensive to pack and ship. What I most regret is losing the titles that have never been released on CD. At least I now have a CD player that more closely approaches the sound quality of a good turntable/cartridge combination.

Kevin's picture

I don't even own a turntable, but still have all my vinyl. I search eBay for SACD in my spare time. And my preferred formats are SACD, CD, and, last and certainly least, compressed audio on my iPod. While it is great for cycling, or traveling, or to have access to my entire CD collection in the car, the loss of fidelity and dynamic range can only be tolerated as a last resort to having any music at all.

Ellsworth's picture

Au revoir vinyl, au revoir!

I.  M.  Cryen's picture

My father-in-law gave me a huge collection of 78s. I didn't (still don't) have any way of playing them, so I sold them. I wish I hadn't been so hasty, oh well.