Have you ever found audiophile treasure in junk shops?

Have you ever found audiophile treasure in junk shops?
Yes!! I found . . .
65% (112 votes)
Close. I once found . . .
5% (9 votes)
29% (50 votes)
Total votes: 171

As Stephen Mejias <A href="http://blog.stereophile.com/stephenmejias/020408junk/" target=new>found recently</a>, there really are audiophile gems and deals to be had in the "junk" store. Have you ever found audiophile treasure in junk shops?

Jimmy's picture

Bw 801 250€. Kappa 9 2i 2 500€ Kenwood kt 8300 10€.

joel's picture

A Marantz receiver, a McIntosh MC 2100.

C.  King, Thousand Oaks, CA's picture

A Marantz 9 in pristine condition from an elderly gentleman at a garage sale. He is the original owner as evidenced by the receipt he gave me. I feel kind of badly because I paid only $30 for it (he was asking $50). It works perfectly from the circuitry to the tubes. SCORE!

Larry A.  Lewis's picture

Pair of Advent speakers in NC flea Market for $10! They cost me $60 for repair of the drivers. They play well

Paul Canaris's picture

A Fisher 500B tube receiver, which I restored with updated parts. It sounded very good for a 50-year-old design.

Thierry's picture

A 1970s Marantz receiver 2220BL at less than $10.

Gary Todd's picture

A pair of AR bookshelf speakers setting at the curb with a sign that said "FREE."

Bob in Stokesdale's picture

Well, not a junk shop per se, but walked into a Salvation Army Store in Charlotte, NC (the same one R.E.M. bought the toy dinosaurs that accompanied early recordings they made in Reflection Studio), and walked out $200 poorer with two 1977 Large Advents, a Kenwood KA 5500 integrated amp, and some old tuner (a Fisher, maybe?). My daughter still has those Advents plus the other two pair I already had.

D Martin's picture

A pair of Advent Small & Boston Acoustics.

Pete's picture

I found Advent Baby II for $10 at Goodwill.

nimbuscrenel's picture

Perfect condition Jamo 7.4's for $12.

Kevin Egan's picture

An E.H. Scott tube integrated amp and matching tube tuner; the amp is an EL-84 type, about 10W, and it has some of the purest sound I've ever heard on a good pair of headphones; the tuner is easily as good as a Dynaco FM-3. $20 for the pair.

Glenn Griffin's picture

Marantz Model 250 power amp at a Salt Lake flea market, replaced fuse, now drives my Klipsch Belles, total cost: $25.

Tim Harnett's picture

Leak Troughline for £20 ($40).

Anachrophile's picture

KLH6, AR2, Dick Sequerra Metronomes all for a combined cost of less than $40. That's what you'll find in thrift stores.

Louis Chan's picture

I found a Arcam alpha 7 integrated amp at a local repair shop for $170. Great deal for a quality British made amp.

bernardo le-fontaine's picture

Nakamichi ZX-7, Crown D-150, McIntosh 270, Apogee speakers, Dignity Audio Reference interconnects & speaker cables.

Dan S.'s picture

Many of us may not consider' 70s vintage silver-face Pioneer as audiophile treasure that we would use, however I found a mint SA-7800 (65Wpc integrated amp) at a garage sale for $3. My daughter will use it.

Phil Thompson's picture

McIntosh MC2105, MR78, C28. My aunt almost threw them out.

Tim Ramz's picture

A very good condition pair of KeEF104/2s for $75! I have never unhooked them since they are sweeet!

Bob Harvie's picture

A pair of 15" Tannoy Dual concentric drivers, and then three months later cabinets for the very same model.

stevegalton's picture

A pair of Onkyo Liverpool D-500 IIs that cost me around £100. Little is known about them but they're around 20 years old and have a frquency response of 35hz–48khz so I can use them for SACD and DVD-A too! The soundstage is wonderful and palpable.

Joe Hartmann's picture

I found an Onkyo T-4055.

Aden's picture

Never, ever. I look all the time - hoping to find an ARC or similar amongst the junk. I did hear one lucky sod found a pair of Martin Logan Prodigies on the side of the road. I look in roadside cleanups too. Never found a thing - yet.

Brent Tucker's picture

No, but I am looking!

Teresa's picture

All kinds of great mint LPs buried in piles of junk such as RCA Living Stereo 1S/1S Shaded Dogs, Mercury Living Presence, Decca's, EMI's, Sheffield Lab, JVC Japan, Crystal Clear and even a Lyrita LP.

Edw.A.Roth's picture

Not a junk shop but online auction.My wife found and bought me a thirty something year old Marantz 2226B receiver on eBay.It is a 26 watter,pristine cosmetics and truly wonderful sound.I have since picked up a Model 2252 that looks as though it is factory new and sounds that way too.I have never been quite so impressed with audio equipment.I really was missing the point...these Marantz receivers from the mid seventies sound like music.Thanks to Saul Marantz for designing such beautiful and musical works of art and thanks to my wife for bringing the joy back to me.

Xanthia's picture

aahhh- I wish - I'm always looking at council cleanups but never find a thing. Actually - once I did find an old Dual turntable if that counts - not working very well though. Certainly no ARC electronics and ProAC or Audio Physic speakers!

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