Have you ever converted anyone into an audiophile? How did you do it?

Have you ever converted anyone into an audiophile? How did you do it?
Converted a relative
12% (14 votes)
Converted a friend
46% (55 votes)
Converted a roommate
1% (1 vote)
Converted a customer
1% (1 vote)
13% (15 votes)
No conversions yet
28% (34 votes)
Total votes: 120

Audiophiles all have to start somewhere, and some of us may have even spread the word a little. Have you?

Randy Halischuk's picture

Basically, by selling him all my old equipment when I upgrade.

Dexter M.  Price's picture

Actually, I have converted 3 relatives and 5 friends. They all have high-end systems now. I converted them by letting them listen to my system and advising them on options and purchases.

P.  Blart's picture

Easy. Just put in the CD player Miles' "So What," then Gould's 20th Variation. That's it! The music does the rest.

Waldemar, Mississauga, ON's picture

I have changed the life of a friend. About a year ago I got him interested in audio when he was looking for speakers for his computer; ended up getting a pair of Missions and an NAD integrated. Recently, he (and I) spent thousands of $$ on audio, and visited a lot of dealers together for auditions. I don't think his mom likes me too much. :-) But he loves the sound quality.

Jeremy Karpenske's picture

I've converted several of my friends to darn-near audiophile status by letting them listen to my system. After that, my friends begin asking to accompany me to the audio shops, and eventually several of them purchased entry-level systems. Now they always want to borrow my Stereophile magazines, so I'm considering buying them subscriptions as an early Christmas present!

Vern Neal's picture

I am an audiophile for life. It started at age 14 with my first stereo, I am 42 now . I have had probably 12 diferent speaker brands, the only one I have stuck with is Thiel,8 diffent amps,preamps,tuners, all cd players start to skip after 3yrs, only one I stuck with is a Meridian 508. Cables, boxes of cables, I prefer ARC Litz. or Kimber concocktions. Chow baby. Vern Neal

Michael J.  Rodriguez's picture

It has been a mutually beneficial thing. My friend is enjoying his music more than ever, and I am shucked of some of my previous-generation gear.

Simon's picture

Once he heard my system, there was no going back to lo-fi !

Jim from RI's picture

I had a longtime friend over about a month after I purchased my KEF model 4s. A few months before that, we both went to the same Pink Floyd concert. When he sat down in the sweet spot and I put in "Pulse," the live CD of that same concert we'd both seenw earlier, he was absolutely blown away. His Visa was smoking the next day.

Bernie Heeder's picture

A brother-in-law who is a wonderful singer and does a lot of professional singing. I gave him a Tallis Consort CD. When we played it on his Sony CD player and Klipsch KG-2 speakers, we were not able to hear the sopranos due to horn distortion. He came to dinner one night and I let him listen to the same disc on my electrostatic speakers. He immediately became someone who wanted quality equipment.

John Dycus's picture

No, most people have to have the passion to begin with.

Craig Stephens's picture

I helped pushed two of my music-loving brothers over the edge, and would have done so with my other brother except for his truly financially strapped state. I think my brother-in-law is also creeping in the direction of better sound, though he remains unconvinced as of yet that the differences are worth the trouble and expense.

Richard Auslander's picture

No matter how hard I try, no matter how convincing the demos, I've never met anyone willing to spend more than they already have on their "good enough" equipment.

Anonymous's picture

Nobody I have ever known, been related to or worked with has ever shared my passion for audio. I guess we're a rather rarified group of animals in the real world. Strangely, I have known many people who have spent thousands more than me for Bose systems or B&O designer chic systems. Worse still, there are far more who pay up to a thousand for midi rack systems which they have to replace every two or three years. High end is not reaching these people. Wonder why not?

Beaumeo's picture

Two girlfriends. How? Good wine, good music, good sex.

JOE BROCATO's picture

Tried to convert my brother. He said his Bose Wave radio could not be improved upon. He cited their TV advertisements as verification. Then he went for a ride on his Honda GoldWing to buy a Yanni tape.

Joe Hartmann's picture

I will inquire of interest when I discuss music. But I never discuss equipment unless the other person expresses interest in the subject. Music is my real love.

HAL hgunther@euronet.nl's picture

Actualy my aswer should be all of the above except, No conversions yet. I have been at this succesfully for ages (since I was 15, in 1965). The past 10 years I have succesfully combined my audiophilia with Apple Evangelism. So several of my friends, colleagues, customers have fallen for Macintoshes and fine audio systems. I have saved several friends from buying Bose. That is what friends are for, isn't it?

tony coughlin's picture

should i attempt to convert another to my taste? god forbid....

Matt Shane, Mt Lebanon, PA's picture

I convert everyone who walks into my multichannel media room. They love DTS multichannel. The Meridian 861 helps make this happen... Stereo is dead...