Have you customized or enhanced the AC power going into your sound room? How did you do it? What were the results?

Have you customized or enhanced the AC power going into your sound room? How did you do it? What were the results?
Yes, I've extensively modified it
22% (39 votes)
I've done minor mods
15% (27 votes)
I use off-the-shelf AC enhancers
34% (59 votes)
Haven't done anything
29% (51 votes)
Total votes: 176

Reader Sean Stewart reports that every time he goes to Hudson's in Albuquerque and watches their lights flicker while driving their Nautilus 801s, he wonders about what audiophiles do to customize their AC supplies to improve performance.

Willis Greenstreet's picture

Don't know the difference between minor and extensively, but I have installed two twenty amp circuits with Hubbell plugs. I also have purchased a variety of Panamax, API, and Monster boxes along with a couple of Transparent power cords.

Douglas Henning's picture

These type of product are very hard to find in South Africa. I am very keen, but it seems like the audio world over here has not deemed it viable yet! Only the most expensive types are available.

Christopher's picture

Other than an Audioprism Foundation II and 2 Quietline Line Filter MK II....nothing!

Steve Williams's picture

I had a new 20amp breaker put in as well as hard wired an industrial surge protecter on my breaker box. Other than that I have added higher quality outlets. Even when I rock out I get no light flicker or power drop.

al marcy's picture

dedicated breaker

mikenificent1's picture

PowerPlant 300. Gave the system a more agile, and slightly more refined and holographic sound.

David K.  Badner's picture

I use Adcom's line conditioner.

Rob Bertrando's picture

Dedicated AC lines, Leviton commercial-grade outlets, PS Audio P300, and a variety of aftermarket AC cords.

Martin DeWulf's picture

PS Audio Power Plants are the finest AC line conditioners that I know of. Remember to reverse the polarity to get the best sound. Power cords are also essential. JPS Kaptovator and TG Audio are essentially the finest made; pick your price point. Dimming lights probably means that your power company has severe issues to deal with or your power amp has an unregulated supply. Put the power amp on a different isolated line, or get an amp that is regulated. The more regulation, the better the sound, generally.

Stephen Curling's picture

AC power conditioning is a good idea if you have poor electricity source, poor wiring, or have special power needs (Krell MRA, etc.).

Dan Petri's picture

Krell, the manufacturer of my components, stated that I would not need any kind of special filters or enhancers.

Frank's picture

I installed three dedicated circuits in the same phase: two 15-amp circuits for source equipment and a 20-amp circuit for the power amp. Turntable motor gets plugged into a regular convenience outlet separate from the audio circuits. Replacing my amp's power cord with 12/2 solid Romex cable and an industrial AC plug made a huge improvement in grain reduction and dynamics.

Anonymous's picture

Two dedicated 20 amp lines on seperate circuts + huge grounding spike.

Ricardo's picture

I got a Monster HTS1000 and it made a big difference, much more than I expected. Now I kinda wish I had sprung for the HTS3500. I am concerned about the energy consumption of the Power Plant.

Marc Sindell's picture

I told my landlord I could use another circuit in my apartment. He decided to redo the entire property. Hopefully my rent will not go up.

Ken Kirkpatrick's picture

I ran dedicated lines to my stereo. I also dedicated the ground. It made a big improvement. I have had no luck with power cords.

John Saunders's picture

4 x Richard Gray 400 units feeding two PSAudio PP300's and one PP600

Chris S.'s picture

While I haven't done anything yet, those PS Audio Power Plants are calling my name.

Stumpy's picture

Minor mods? Not sure, but I had the house built with a separate 20 amp circuit for the system. I regret not having five: two for power amps, one for low-wattage gear, one for the TV, and one for the strobes, smoke machine, lasers, etc. Maybe eight . . . there's still room in the 200-amp, 40-breaker box.

mike eschman's picture

seperate circuit, hubble plugs - quieter backgrounds and apparent better imaging and dynamics result (probably due to the quiet).

Stephen W.  Sweigart's picture

Two Hospital Grade Outlets

Todd R.'s picture

AudioPrism Quiet Lines! Best $200 ever spent.

Nate L.'s picture

I had a 20 amp dedicated line installed, wired with 10-gauge wire straight to the panel box. My lights no longer flicker to the music. That's got to be better

Dick Gentry's picture

First: Dedicated 30 amp lines were run from the circuit breaker to the hospital-grade outlets for the system. Got some Marigo power cables. Results not audible. Then: Installed PS Audio Regenerator (300 series) running source components (well before any reviews). Excellent results, plainly audible to anyone who'll listen! Planned: Get the larger PS Audio unit for the power amp. Maybe even try their power cables.

Jon W.'s picture

Added 2 new 20amp.ckts.!

Simon Choy's picture

I use custom-built isolating transformers fed by a dedicated phase from the power distribution box. The isolating trans is completely fuse-free and depends on breakers for protection. A small 1kVA unit feeds the playback equipment and the amp draws current from a 4kVA unit.

Teresa Goodwin's picture

Adcom ACE-515 line conditioner

KRB's picture

I'm using a Chang Lightspeed 6400 in my apartment. It made a big difference with both audio and video equipment. When I finally buy a house, I will definitely make extensive modifications to make sure I've got lots of clean power dedicated for my gear.

J.  Gemborys's picture

I admit to adding a hospital-grade outlet and thought I heard enough difference that I was amused enough to leave it in the system. It was cheap but not earthshaking.The addition of a MonsterPower HTS 1000CI did make a fine improvement to my system. Other than cleaning the plug and cable, it hasn't been out of the system since I purchased it. If I had the opportunity to buy a new system, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another MonsterPower product. Perhaps it's all just the power of suggestion caused by the expenditure of money, but if it's a placebo, then that's fine by me. I've got a system that makes me tap my toes, boogie to the beat, and, in general, have a lot of fun.

Geno's picture

When I built my house, I put in 10 ga. wire on a seperate circuit for my system. A power wedge was a major upgrade from there.