Have you converted your two-channel system to surround sound?

Have you converted your two-channel system to surround sound?
No! Two-channel forever!
36% (118 votes)
No, but added a separate video system to our house.
22% (70 votes)
Yes, we've added several speakers.
21% (69 votes)
Will wait for new surround audio formats to settle out.
14% (44 votes)
7% (23 votes)
Total votes: 324

With multichannel DVD-Audio and SACD promised and the increasing pressure to add high-quality 5.1 audio to video systems, has the number of channels in your listening room increased?

David's picture

Wake up and get with it!! The Audio formats may not be settled out, but Dolby Dig 5.1 for movies is a must if you are even thinking about watching a DVD movie!

Bengt's picture

A couple of years ago, I bought a Denon AVC-A1 and a Toshiba DVD and added the necessary speakers. The Denon integrated is awesome, much better than my old Meridian/Nad separates, and DVD has given me new opportunities to invite friends, it's great!

Bruce Platt's picture

Multichannel will not invade my listening room for a long time. If they cant record properly to the current two channel digital medium, what hope do we have of them getting multi channel right.

Ray Garrison's picture

I expect I will someday, but for now, the two channel system we have (Klipsch La Scala) sounds "good enough" with movies and TV, and the hassel of installing rear speakers is something I'd just rather not mess with right now.

craig.ellsworth@ericsson.com's picture

As I wait, my stocks are going . . . down. Pleaseget with the plan while I still have disposable money.

Sam Tellig's picture

Surround sound for listening to music? I had it once—25 years ago. Never again!

David L.  Wyatt, Jr.'s picture

If I could afford Levinson's and really high-end gear, I'd think hard about 5.1. But I can't and I know it. I think it better to spend my audio dollar improving my two-channel setup. And let me let you in on a secret: two-channel does a real good job on video as well.

Mad Guru's picture

My preference for serious music listening is still through 2 channels, but since I watch movies on DVD, I have configured my system in a way that I can quickly switch from dedicated 2-channel to a 5.1 surround-sound system. Enjoy both worlds that way.

Bob Bookman's picture

I run my TV's audio through my stereo system, and that's the extent of it. I have nothing against multi-channel but simply cannot afford at present to do it "right."

Charles Purvis Kelly, Jr.'s picture

Nope!!!! The "two-channel" system WILL be a "two-channel" system forever. I'm putting together a home theater just for that: "home theater." Thanks for asking, though . . .

Adam's picture

Added suround for movies, but music has a lot of potential. right now, potential is all multi-ch. music is though.

Barry's picture

I can spend the same amount of money and get better components with two channels. Besides, with the format changing all the time, I can just add a processor and three channels to my two channel system if needed sometime in the future when the dust clears.

dave's picture

Two ears, two speakers.

M D Chubb's picture

While I do have a dedicated HT system, I've been toying with the idea of adding surround to my audio system as well. Something that wouldn't compromise the existing two channel setup. And since I've just reaquired my old Kenwood SS-79 Dolby Surround processor (not Pro-Logic!) I can hook it up to the second set of pre-outs on my Adcom GFP-555II, add a pair of speakers, and I'm surrounded!

Anonymous's picture

Surround sound does not make movies "look" better than our current grungy VHS format. A simply HI-FI hook up to your VCR is great but the surround feature is more of a gimmick than anything else. I tried it with a top of the line Yamaha, and went back to Adcom separates and better main speakers. Music sounds much better on a "real" stereo than a surround system. --Ed Legenza

Lesly Br's picture

With a new separate home theater in the room, my stereo now sounds terrible...

scott mcdonald's picture

I have added dolby Pro Logic to my two channel system. I am waiting for the shake out before going 5.1 or 6.1 or dts or 24/98 or what.

Jack Durrett II's picture

Still working on bringing two-channel system to "A" class. Next item=DVD or whatever seems to offer the best sound and largest selection AND is backward compatible with cds in the 1,000 to $1500. range

John Spencer's picture

I can't afford to buy 6 channels of resolution that I enjoy in my two channel system. Sometimes less is more.

Stephen W.  Sweigart's picture

I sold my surround sound system; the sound is inferior to a good two-channel one; for music.

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Enuf said

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Nath's picture

I'm currently doing 2 channel audio but I'm future-proofed by my surround receiver.

Glynn Wilson's picture

I tried combining them, but I didn't want to use up my tubes on TV sound.

Stephen Curling's picture

Currently I have a stereo setup with Dolby Pro Logic using mains and sub only. I have all the parts for HT except DVD. Although I'd like to see the surround-sound folks get their butts in gear and create a format for fidelity, not profit.

Tom Dedrick's picture

Much more interested in obtaining realistic reproduction in my listening room than being concerned with the number of channels required to do that. Am continuing to improve my 2-channel system at this time and will continue this route until I see a stable market of multichannel software & equipment. Current primary interest is in upgrading CD playback. Am reading with great interest about upsampling as well as higher bit-rate/word-length CDs. But with current catalogs of CDs, it appears the most intelligent path is to either wait it out or go with upsampling, as in the dCS or similar equipment.

John Valvano's picture

I keep the "high-end" system in the listening room, which will probably remain 2-channel for a long time. In the family room the evolving system will eventually be surround sound for movies and background music.

Rich V.  Boston, Ma's picture

I will never let my listening experience be compromised by adding surround sound or a video monitor. To become involved emotionaly with the music your brain should be able to convey what you perceive is happening and not let some TV dictate what you should be thinking.

Robin Banks's picture

Even though I love stereo, I have had a 5.1 system for years. The advent of multi-channel SACD and DVD-Audio had nothing to do with it!

ren's picture

I had some surround speakers in the past,but prefer two speakers.When surround grow out of the gimmicky I may try it again