Have you bought any DAD software for your home DVD player? How many discs have you purchased?

Have you bought any DAD software for your home DVD player? How many discs have you purchased?
1-5 DADs
19% (24 votes)
6-10 DADs
10% (13 votes)
11-20 DADs
3% (4 votes)
21-50 DADs
2% (2 votes)
More than 50 DADs
0% (0 votes)
Have player but no DADs
23% (29 votes)
Don't have compatible player
44% (56 votes)
Total votes: 128

In last week's Soapbox, reader Norman Tracy suggested that audiophiles not wait for DVD-Audio, but instead support the 24/96 DAD format, whose discs can be played on current DVD-Video players. Do you agree? Have you bought any DADs?

Barry Sahul's picture

Great Sound. I intend to buy more. And while the DADs are a bit more expensive, I can use them on my Sony S7700. As I just bought the Sony in July, I probably won't be buying a new machine in any other format anytime soon.

Michael M.'s picture

Don't care about DAD. I am all for SACD.

Chris S.'s picture

I wish there were more of them out there. A DAD running on a system with a good DAC is just what the Doctor ordered to cure a case of digital phobia. I think all the vinyl-lovers should check this out!

Andrew Bacon's picture

We'll move up to new formats and HDTV when a few million are sold, not before.

David Chalpin's picture

I have purchased two, and the sound is great. But the medium shouldn't be the message! They need more titles available on DAD. Kudos to Chesky Records, but others should follow. Screw the SACD format! I'm sure it's a little better than DAD, but is it worth all this fuss buying another player? There are a lot of second-generation DVD players out there now that could easily play DADs; plus, they can play CDs. I've heard that regular DVD players have a hard time playing the CD layer of an SACD.

Johan Nimmersj's picture

I bought some discs from Chesky with great sound but very BORING music.

Dave's picture

I am buying up the vinyl that everybody is getting rid of.

Beta Jack's picture

I have not bought a DVD player yet. I will probably purchase a DVD/DVD-Audio/SACD player when they are available for $500.

John Jansky- St.  Paul's picture

I get tired of the big money makers jerking us around and making their decisions on how much is in it for them.Give the consumer a break and just choose the best sounding foremat.

Michael Shover's picture

I'll wait out the format war till the bitter end, thank you. My new Planar 25 sounds so good, I couldn't care less about DAD!

Louie's picture

No player, no discs. Still waiting for the hammer to fall.

Craig Ellsworth's picture

I am going to jump on the SACD bandwagon when a player is available for <$1500. I DO have car, office and bedroom players and the backwards compatibility of SACD will allow me to play the discs on them also. Come on now Sony, you have 6 months to grab a large proportion of the niche market that we call "High End." Scratch our back first this time, ok?

david@tesm.edu's picture

Does the 24/96 PCM track on James Taylor's "Live at the Beacon Theater" count? I think so.

Gerald Neily's picture

DADs need surround sound in order to take off. DVD-Audio will be a big success if discs have both 24/96 coding and Dolby Digital 5.1 coding, allowing compatibility with all DVD players. If this is done, will standard DVD-Video players be able to play the two front channels in 24/96 from their analog outputs, while also playing the Dolby-encoded rear channels from their digital output? I believe the answer is yes, provided MLP coding is not used. The center channel would be problematic because a DD center channel wouldn't sound too good next to 24/96 left and right channels. But center channels aren't really needed for music anyway.

John Atkinson's picture

Damn straight I agree! But other than some of the Cheskys, and Classic's Lorna Hunt DAD (?), all the releases are so far from analog masters. Yes, they do sound terrific, but let's have more 96kHz-sampled digital originals.

Anonymous's picture

I can't really say if one should or should not buy DAD's and SAD's because my purchases were based on lack-o-will-power and emotion. I wanted 24/96 and therefore it exists in my room. I am pleased with the recorded quality of most of these. Some show that the original recordings must have only been but so good to start. Dave Duvall

Jim Germann-jjg3960@gateway.ne's picture

They are great! Never thought that I would hear this great a sound in my home. Wish there were more!

Joe Nistico's picture

Do I need a 24/96 D/A converter to play these? I presently use a Proceed D/A converter.

Donald Tu's picture

I bought the DADs for the following reasons: 1) checking out the merits of 24/96; 2) reluctant to wait for DVD-A; 3) refusal to invest on SACD hardware and software until there is a digital output on the SACD player.

landen@sonentcom.com's picture

No artists I currently like are available

susan's picture

can't find any discs... and i live in nyc!!!!

gary gibbs's picture

waiting for sacd dad is only a stepping stone

KRB's picture

I agree, but if DAD is going to catch on, the overall audio quality has to be consistently better than CD Audio (it isn't always).

Norman Tracy's picture

Player: Pioneer DV-414 (modified) DAC: ACG XD5 prototype