Has your taste in music changed much over the years? Why?

Has your taste in music changed much over the years? Why?
Yes, radically
14% (23 votes)
Yes, quite a bit
46% (77 votes)
Yes, a little
22% (37 votes)
Not much
14% (24 votes)
Not at all
3% (5 votes)
Total votes: 166

Some of us started with "On Top of Spaghetti" and ended up listening to Bart

Dave's picture

I was a hard core Jazz and classical listener. I've become someone who enjoys most anything performed well.

Pauli Peura's picture

When I started listening to music it was mostly Metallica and occasionally techo etc. what came through my stereos. But as few years have gone by now, I see that my musical taste has changed quite a lot. And I believe that one reason for that change is the development of my system. Every now and then when I decide to listen to music I used to listen, I have to admit that the quality of the recordings is not so good. Although I have to admit that if music itself is good, then the poor quality of recording is not a problem. So I believe that also my musical taste has changed. Maybe the biggest reason for that are the numerous hours spent listening to music. Atleast my taste in music has moved towards blues and classical music. But still there are many good songs, which are not classical or blues etc., that I listen to.

Wolfe's picture

I still love the music of my youth(good old rock), but I have shifted to appreciating music of quality.